11 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Season?

Why Spring is The Best Season – The weather is not going to seem every day wherever you live in the world. Even on the North and South pole, where there is ice everywhere, you will get summer days.

In the United States, we experience the Four Seasons starting spring, fall, winter, and summer. Every season has its beauty and benefits to humans, but most of us love the spring season as it is the best.

Some of you might be a fan of ice, but most people love spring as you can enjoy it as much as you want. The spring season in the United States is going to be warm where you can enjoy good stylish clothes, days get a bit longer, and You will enjoy beautiful trees everywhere you go.

Today we will discuss why spring is the best season, and I am sure after today’s blog, you will also love the spring season more than ever before. The spring season begins on the 20th or 21st of March, and it lasts till June 20 or 21st. 

Nice Temperature

After a long winter, before the summer starts, there is a short period where the temperature of the United States becomes more pleasant, and you can enjoy as much as you want outside. It is considered spring, where you can say goodbye to frigidly cold winter and enjoy the transition before hot summer kicks in.

As per the studies, people are more comfortable around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. And, during the spring, Pressure is going to hover around 60s to 70s degrees Fahrenheit. It is the time when you can ditch your heavy winter clothing and be comfortable.

More sunlight

In most studies, it has already been proven that the unavailability of the sun might be related to mental illness. During the wintertime, we do not get to see the sun, and we all know that it impacts our health.

In the spring season, when the temperature is going to around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you can enjoy more sunlight. The days start to get longer, and nights start to get shorter as soon as we hit spring in the United States. This transition gives you more time to enjoy the sunlight.

More wildlife

As an animal lover, you are not able to enjoy the winter season because there are very few animals available outside. Most animals either look for warm places or go into hibernation mode till there is snow. 

As soon as the temperatures start to rise once again, these animals, especially birds, come out of hibernation mode, and you will be able to watch them all on the streets and in nearby parks.

A few years back, a university in the United Kingdom did research and found that if you want to be in a good mood and have better mental health, then try to watch as many birds as possible in your neighborhood. It is not a cure for any mental health disorder, but birds and wildlife can give you a reason to think about happier times.

At the same time, many animals also start to reproduce during the spring season. So if you want to pet any animal, then it is a great time for you. 

Why Spring is The Best Season
Why Spring Is The Best Season

More safety

A few years back, MIT press directly published this study where they mentioned that more sunlight could reduce criminal activities around your neighborhood. In their study, they further mentioned that there was a drop of 27% in robberies during that extra hour of evening sunlight.

There are several factors behind this study, starting from psychology. People sleep less during the summertime as the night gets shorter, which gives less time for robbers and other criminals to do the activities. There is no doubt that people love the spring season because of these small things.

Enjoy the nature

Compared to the spring season, both summer and winter are harsh. In the warm temperature of spring, you can spend more time outside and join in nature. There won’t be any heat waves or freezing temperatures during the spring season, and you can enjoy yourself more than ever before.

Several researchers have already concluded that it is very important for every patient suffering from high blood pressure to walk in nature as it has a calming and relaxing effect.  

At the same time, the University of Michigan also published a study that successfully concluded that spending 30 minutes outside of your house in nature during the spring season can help you feel good and have a better memory.

More creative activities

The Spring season is directly linked with being more creative as compared to any other season. As you are already aware, we feel more relaxed and calm around wildlife, and most creative artists are also looking for similar conditions to do some creative work.

The University of Michigan did a study a few years ago in which they mentioned that spending time outside of your house in the sunny spring weather can boost your mood, and it can also help you think more creatively. In the study, they further mentioned that people who spend more time in nature have more creative thoughts than anyone else.

Fresh atmosphere

As compared to summer and winter, spring is much fresher in terms of pollution and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As you are already aware, plants convert sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water into food, which provides us with a fresh atmosphere. 

When plants start to grow, In the spring season, they consume more carbon dioxide as compared to any other season and time. As per one data point, plants absorb around 100 gigatonnes of carbon through photosynthesis in each growing season. Because of all that, the levels of carbon dioxide drop in the atmosphere during the spring and summer seasons.

Fresh vegetables

Along with other benefits, the spring season also comes with fresh vegetables. Most of us store vegetables in our storage before the winter season, and we wait for the spring season to get as many fresh vegetables and fruits as we want.

Back in 2016, an Australian university found that happiness is directly linked with the fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you are not feeling good, then you should start eating healthy and fresh vegetables. 

In the research, they further mentioned that the difference between eating healthy and fresh vegetables versus not is as big as being unemployed and having a job.

Beautiful scenery

Along with fresh vegetables, good weather, and more wildlife, you can also enjoy beautiful sceneries around your neighborhood during the spring season. During the spring season, flowers bloom after conserving energy for months. Flowers can naturally bloom once they feel that the weather is getting warmer and days are getting longer.

New flowers and beautiful scenery is also very important for human health. Back in 2008, a study was published on a similar subject, and they concluded that having flowers in the patient room can make people feel more positive about their life. 

Another similar study by Rutgers University concluded that when you present someone with a bouquet, they feel happier than ever before. Apart from all that, flowers can also provide a good scent.

Start of the fitness journey

People who are looking to start their fitness journey can start on the first day of spring. Several researchers have found that it is the best time to do outdoor exercise as the temperature is going to be pleasant, and you can also enjoy fresh air due to less carbon in the atmosphere.

Back in 2011, a study found that as compared to indoor workouts, outdoor workouts are more energetic and beneficial for your overall health. At the same time, exercising outdoors can also decrease tension, increase positivity and give a fresh perspective. You should never limit your fitness journey to the spring and summer season, but it is a great time to start if you are not on any exercise routine.

More vitamin D

Lastly, during spring time you won’t have any vitamin D deficiency as you get during the winter times. In some parts of the United States, we do not see the sun during the winter season. Sunlight is one of the biggest sources of vitamin D for humans, and without the sun, we get vitamin D deficiency.

But, season 2 does not have anything like that. You can spend a couple of hours under sunlight without any sunburn, and it will trigger your body to produce more vitamin D, which will keep your bones strong. As per one Spanish study, every person on this earth requires at least 10 minutes outside with ¼ of their body exposed to the sun.


Can I grow any fruit or vegetable at home during the spring season?

Yes, you can grow fruits and vegetables at home during the spring season. We will suggest that you consult an agriculture expert, and they will help you grow fruits and vegetables during summertime at your home. You might require some ports and fertilizer to grow fruits and vegetables you can buy at nearby shops.