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Where Can I Get a Covid Test

Where Can I Get a Covid Test – Testing for COVID-19 is among the most important things to contain the virus. Even the World Health Organization has recognized testing for COVID is among the biggest assets which can help you contain the virus and ensure the safety of citizens.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention, with the help of federal funding, has been providing free covid testing throughout the nation, and every citizen of the United States can get it free of cost.

Every citizen of the United States has multiple options to test themselves for COVID-19. Along with the federal government of the United States, several state governments are also running free COVID testing programs throughout the nation.

As the cases of COVID-19 once again are rising in the United States and it has been declared as the 6th COVID wave, we are going to discuss where you can get a COVID test. 

Nearby Pharmacies

If you are not aware, then let me tell you, that several pharmaceutical giants in the United States are providing free COVID testing for every individual with the help of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.

These pharmaceutical giants are in association with the Centers for Disease Control and prevention. Along with the free COVID vaccine, they are also providing free COVID testing throughout the nation.

CVS pharmacy

CVS pharmacy and its branch named one-minute clinic is among the biggest players in providing free COVID testing in the United States. As per their official website, they have more than 4500 locations where Americans can get tested for free and covered without any cost.

You can click on the above-given button, which will directly take you to the appointment page of the CVS minute clinic. Most pharmacies in the United States are not accepting walk-ins for COVID testing. You have to create an early appointment using their official website.

Rite Aid Pharmacy

Rite Aid pharmacy is not as big as a serious pharmacy or Walgreens in the United States. They have a presence in the states on the West Coast and East Coast. That is why rite aid pharmacies have limited locations as compared to CVS pharmacies.

Still, you will not get in any trouble if you are visiting the right pharmacy for your COVID testing. They also have thousands of locations on both the East and West Coast of the United States. We have also provided an appointment page button. You can simply click on the above-given button and create an early appointment.

Where Can I Get a Covid Test
Where Can I Get a Covid Test


Similar to CVS pharmacy, Walgreens pharmacy also has a presence in all 50 states of the United States. They currently have more than 9000 locations throughout the nation, and they are providing free COVID testing at most of their locations.

If you want to get tested at Walgreens pharmacy for COVID-19, you have to create an early appointment. They are not accepting walk-ins right now, but you can get a same-day appointment if you are in a hurry. Simply use the above-given button to directly reach the appointment page of Walgreens pharmacy COVID testing.

Quest Diagnostics

After the spread of the first COVID wave in the United States, several companies, including Walmart, came ahead to help the federal government and test every American. Quest Diagnostics is in partnership with Walmart to provide free COVID testing and vaccines to every eligible citizen of the country.

You can create an appointment using the official website of Quest Diagnostics and get yourself tested at a nearby Walmart or Quest Diagnostics laboratory. They are also available at more than 5000 locations throughout the nation.

At Your Home

The federal government of the United States wants to increase the number of testing throughout the nation, and that is why they have launched several schemes to increase testing. 

Recently the White House announced that they are going to deliver 8 COVID tests to every household in the United States. It is the third installment of tests provided by the central government of the United States. These tests will be delivered by the United States Postal Service, and you can easily order these tests for your household using the official website of USPS. 

Apart from that, every health insurance holder in the United States is also eligible to receive 8 free COVID tests every month from their health insurance provider. Back in January 2022, the federal government of the United States announced that every health insurance provider in the United States would have to provide 8 free COVID tests or reimbursements for the same. 

State-Sponsored Clinics

Apart from the Federal government of the United States, most state governments are also providing free COVID tests at several locations in each county. You can visit a nearby healthcare center and get more information on COVID testing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state governments are providing free COVID testing with the help of several independent clinics throughout the nation. 

Usually, people do not require any state government-sponsored COVID testing, as you can find pharmacies such as CVS Health and Walgreens throughout the nation. But in some states such as North Dakota, where the presence of these pharmaceutical companies is near 0, you might require state-sponsored testing in independent clinics. 

Do I need health insurance to get tested in the United States for COVID-19?

No, you do not need any help insurance to get yourself tested for COVID-19 in the United States. People with valid photo ID or Social Security can get their self-tested for free of post add several pharmaceutical giants, including CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens. If you do not want to present any document, then you might require health insurance to pay the bills.

How much does it cost to get COVID testing?

Most people in the United States can opt for free COVID testing by providing a photo ID at the time of testing. But, some people are not comfortable presenting their photo ID for free COVID testing. If you are among those people who do not have any health insurance or do not want to provide an ID card, then you have to pay for the test. A regular RT PCR test for COVID is going to cost you around $130. On the other hand, a rapid antigen test is going to cost around $39.