When to Take a Pregnancy Test? – Signs, Timing, & Types – 2022

When To Take A Pregnancy Test – Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things in nature. It is the only way humans and animals can increase their number. The problem with modern-day society is that people get very anxious when they hear about pregnancy if they are not planning it.

Usually, unmarried couples and couples who do not want kids get worried when they hear anything related to pregnancy. We can understand that it can become very hard in modern society to raise kids, but people who are planning to have kids do not worry about it.

Compared to a few years back, technology has become more advanced, and nowadays, anyone can get a pregnancy test sitting at home. Now, the major question which might come to your mind is when to take a pregnancy test. Well, you can take a pregnancy test anytime you want, but that is not going to be an effective way to use it.

Today, we will discuss everything related to pregnancy and pregnancy tests. It will give you more clarity about the pregnancy and how you can easily and effectively use pregnancy tests. 

Types of Pregnancy Tests

Before we discuss anything related to pregnancy and pregnancy test lists, we first discuss the major types of pregnancy tests. Each test is a little bit different.

Before the 1970s, it was very hard to take pregnancy tests. As usual, people take pregnancy tests when they miss their periods. At the same time, the pregnancy test used to take a lot of time, and now the time has changed.

Urine Pregnancy Test

Urine pregnancy tests are among the most common types of pregnancy tests in the 21st century. When you buy over-the-counter pregnancy test kits from any pharmacy around your neighborhood, those tests are going to be urine pregnancy tests.

These tests are reliable if you take them after ten days of you becoming pregnant. Over-the-counter test kits or urine pregnancy test kits at your health care provider’s office might not be able to detect HCG in your urine if you take it less than ten days from your conception.

These tests are highly sensitive and known to provide false negatives if you take them earlier than the described Time.

In case you think you are pregnant, but your urine pregnancy test is not able to detect, then you can take it once again after a few days.

Blood Pregnancy Test

Blood pregnancy tests are rare in the 21st century as these tests are much more expensive as compared to urine pregnancy tests, and the same accuracy can also be achieved using over-the-counter tests.

Health care providers usually suggest blood pregnancy tests if you are at high risk of pregnancy or having fertility treatments. At the same time, your healthcare provider might also suggest you take the same test if you have already had a miscarriage.

As compared to urine pregnancy tests, these tests take much longer time, and they are more expensive. Health care providers only suggest when they believe you require more accurate results as blood pregnancy tests can detect small amounts of HCG.

When to Take a Pregnancy Test
When to Take a Pregnancy Test

Timing of the Pregnancy Test

Timing for any pregnancy test is among the most important things. If you are not given enough time before you take your pregnancy test, your test might not be able to detect hCG in your urine, and it can prove a false negative.

As per the health experts, the HCG levels almost double every 48 hours at the beginning of the pregnancy. It means there is 50% growth each day in your HCG levels.

Most experts will suggest you take a pregnancy test if you are late for your periods. Apart from that, you should wait at least two weeks after you have sex to take a pregnancy test.

Urine pregnancy tests are not as sensitive as blood tests to detect pregnancy in its early stages. If you only rely on urine pregnancy tests, then you should wait for at least 10 to 14 days, as it will provide more accurate results.

Signs You Should Take Pregnancy Tests.

Before we wrap our session, let’s take a look at some signs for you to take a pregnancy test as possible.

Missing Your Period

One of the biggest clues for you to take a pregnancy test is you are missing your period. Every health expert will suggest you take a pregnancy test as soon as you miss your periods.

Most women in the world track their menstrual cycle, and sexually active women should do it if they are not doing it right now. It is well known in the world that you will miss your periods if you get pregnant.

Too Many Cramps

Health experts around the world will suggest you take a pregnancy test if you are having too many cramps. It is possible that in early pregnancy, you might feel a lot of discomfort, and these cramps are going to feel like you are going to have your menstrual cycle.

Hurting Your Breast

Another sign for you to take a pregnancy test is pain in your breast. Yes, pregnancy produces more estrogen, and these hormones can start changes in your body, including increased size of your breast. Along with that, you might experience your breasts hurting, and you are feeling a little bit of paint on your nipples also.

Failure of Contraception

Several birth control items, including birth control pills and condoms, do not provide 100% protection against pregnancy. There is a slight chance that you might get pregnant no matter how careful you are. 

Health experts around the world will suggest every woman take pregnancy tests every week to ensure her birth control is working as it should. As for one data point, nearly 18 in every hundred women relying on condoms for contraception get pregnant each year.


When to take a pregnancy test for accurate results?

Health experts around the world suggest everyone wait for at least two weeks after they have sex to take a urine-based pregnancy test. In case you are taking a blood pregnancy test, then you can even wait for at least one week. If you take your blood or urine-based pregnancy tests as early as 48 hours, the test might not be able to detect any increased levels of HCG.