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  • February 16, 2023

What is Golo and How Does it Work? |Benefits of the Golo Diet|

What Is Golo And How Does It Work – The world is full of different diets, and still, a lot of health experts and fitness enthusiasts are launching their customized diets to help people achieve their fitness goals.

One of the main reasons behind these new diets is that people are not able to follow old diets due to changing world situations. These new diets are well capable of helping you enjoy fast food and achieve fitness goals.

Recently, we saw a new diet named Golo launched in the market, and it instantly became one of the hot topics in media and social media. Today we are going to discuss what golo is and how it works.

What is a Golo Diet?

As compared to other types, such as the ketogenic diet or Mediterranean diet, the goal of a diet is not a way of eating. It is a specific diet plan which might not be different for every person like any other diet in the world.

The golo company was created back in 2009 and is focused on health and fitness with its specific supplements. The idea behind the diet is to achieve fat loss at a much faster pace by speeding up your metabolism.

If you look at the website of the company, you will say they claim that the diet is based on scientific logic, and they also have dedicated doctors, pharmacists, and researchers.

You cannot find a simple golo diet plan in the market as it includes supplements. Without these supplements, there is nothing like golo. 

How does Golo Work?

Before we move ahead, let’s take a look at how the diet is going to work. It is not like any difficult diet in the world where they ask you to eat specific foods and limit the consumption of some foods.

Value ask regarding weight loss or weight gain to any fitness enthusiast. They will say that you should focus on counting your daily calorie intake. If you are eating more calories than you need, then you will gain weight. On the other hand, if you are not eating enough calories than you require for a day, then you will lose weight. In simple terms, it is known as calorie surplus and calorie deficit.

Golo diets do not focus on calorie surplus or calorie deficit terms as the company claims to help you lose weight without even counting calories or restricting eating.

A big portion of the golo diet is going to be focused on the supplements provided by the company. For example, you have to take three meals in a day which are going to be around 1300 to 1600 calories a day, and after those meals, you have to take a release capsule provided by the company.

Yes, you have to provide your basic body structure so that the experts of the golo diet can suggest to you your maximum daily calorie intake for better results.

What is Golo and How Does it Work
What is Golo and How Does it Work

What Food Items are Part of the Golo Diet?

As we have already talked about, the Golo diet mostly focused on its supplement rather than food items and created a deficit for weight loss. But, at the same time, they have also provided a list of food items so that you can boost up your weight loss process.

The list of food items is pretty basic, and you can find these items anywhere in the world. Even though they have provided a list, it doesn’t mean that you have to eat all of these items every day.

For example, vegan or vegetarian people can remove animal protein sources such as chicken, eggs, milk, and yogurt from their list of food items and go for legumes and other protein-rich sources.

  • You can include Animal protein with beef, chicken, pork, eggs, milk, cheese, and yogurt.
  • For seafood, you can eat fresh or frozen.
  • You must include Healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and flax seeds
  • Brown rice and quinoa Are the perfect choices for whole-grain food items.
  • Pinto, black, and garbanzo beans are the perfect choice for legumes in your diet.
  • You must include vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and winter squash in your diet.
  • Fresh fruit, especially berries, should be your first choice for a snack.
  • Green vegetables, including asparagus, broccoli, kale, and zucchini, must be available in your diet.
  • Almonds, walnuts, and cashews Can be your first choice for snacks. 

If you take a deep look at the list of food items available for you to eat and encouraged by the developers of the Golo diet, you will see these are whole food and unprocessed food items. 

One thing which we particularly notice about the Golo diet is it does not emphasize the quality of food items much. For example, they mention that you should eat animal proteins such as seafood for lean protein sources, but they did not mention that young children, pregnant women, or breastfeeding women should not eat these food items as they can be rich in mercury.

Even the Food and Drug Administration of the United States has mentioned that you should be avoiding seafood items that could be high in mercury if you are a young, pregnant woman, or breastfeeding.

What is the Pricing of the Golo Diet?

Before we talk about anything else or move ahead, let’s discuss the pricing of the Golo diet. At the display level, the Golo diet is completely free to use.

But the reality is very different from the presentation. To achieve faster results And access the details of the eating plan, the developers of the Golo diet suggest to everyone that you should purchase a release supplement.

One bottle of released capsules containing 90 capsules is going to cost around 49.95 dollars. Golo diet Suggests everyone take at least one capsule with each meal, so your 90-capsule bottle is going to be empty by the end of the month.

The good thing I like about the Golo diet is that you can buy multiple bottles at the same time, and they will provide you with a special discount for that.

Benefits of the Golo Diet

Now comes one of the biggest questions of the day, which is the benefits of the Golo diet. Any diet in the world can provide benefits if you use it in the right manner.

Fat loss is a tricky thing but not impossible to do. With the right guidance, anyone can lose weight, and the Golo diet can provide you with that guidance.

Golo diet asks everyone to buy their supplement along with a dieting plan to get fat and get rid of the extra body weight they have been carrying. We have taken a deep look at all the supplements, and the ingredients used in the release supplement are considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States.

Weight Loss

One of the biggest benefits of the Golo diet is that it can help you increase your weight loss pace. With its combination of exercise, a balanced diet, and supplements, it can help you lose stubborn body fat. Usually, companies only focus on selling their supplements rather than providing results, but the Golo diet has been claiming on their official website that they also focus on providing results.

Well Balanced Diet

Another thing that I liked about the Golo diet is that it focused on a well-balanced diet rather than selling its supplements. Yes, supplements are a big part of their revenue system, but they also focus on a well-balanced diet, as we have seen in their list of food items. The company does not just focus on protein, but they also focus on carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Focus on Sustainability

Any diet can help you lose weight, but the major thing is sustainability after weight loss. You might have seen people who lost weight at first, but once they stop doing the things they were doing before start gaining weight once again. That is not the case with Golo. The company claims to have a metabolic plan which can help you establish sustainability even after you stop taking their release supplement.

Who should buy the Golo Diet?

It is a very dynamic question as it is very hard to suggest whether anyone buy or not buy any diet plan. If you have been struggling with your extra body weight, then you can go with the Golo diet. 

When you go on weight loss, you have to be accountable for your every action. Usually, people do not feel accountable for anything as they do not have to report anyone regarding their weight loss program. That is why they do not lose weight.

On the other hand, the Golo diet is a diet plan where you invest at least $50 a month apart from your regular diet and gym membership. It makes you accountable, but we always suggest everyone consult with their physician or nutritionist before they go on any diet.

How much weight can I lose with a GOLO diet?

The amount of weight loss depends on the person losing it. It is the best decision to lose around 1-2 pounds a week for better sustainability.