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Walgreens Covid Testing/Appointments – Walgreens Covid Testing is in line with your alternatives and is primarily based totally on the Test Type. Walgreens additionally gives Drive-via and Home-primarily based Covid Testing, to e-book an appointment online please observe the
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Test Type: Walgreens Covid Testing/Appointments

  • A COVID-19 take a look at is to be had that may take look for present-day or beyond infections.
  • A Viral take-a-look will let you know in case you are presently inflamed. Two sorts of virus checks are to be had: nucleic acid amplification takes a look (NAAT) and antigen takes a look at.
  • An Antibody taken look (additionally known as a serology take a look) can let you know when you have been inflamed withinside the beyond. Antibody checks have to now no longer be used to diagnose present-day contamination.

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➪ *Please note: Due to massive demands, Sometimes Appointments aren’t to be had. You might also additionally have to test often to Schedule your

Who should be tested for the current infection?

  • contamination? People with COVID-19 signs.
  • People who’ve had near touch with humans with COVID-19 have to be examined for contamination.
  • Fully vaccinated people have to be examined 5-7 days after the remaining publicity.
  • People who aren’t vaccinated have to be examined straight away if they’re determined to be in near touch. If the take a look at the result is terrible, it has to be retested 5-7 days after the remaining publicity or straight away if signs appear.
  • Unvaccinated those who participated in sports at an excessive chance of COVID-19 due to the fact they can’t be bodily distanced as they had to keep away from publicity consisting of walking on
  • foot around. A man or woman who has been requested or stated to be examined with the aid of using a fitness company, state, tribe, outside image of the area, or the nearby fitness branch.
  • The CDC recommends that all people with symptoms and symptoms or signs of COVID-19 be examined, no matter vaccination popularity or preceding contamination. If you’re being examined due to the fact you’ve got signs or might also additionally been uncovered to the virus, live far from different pending take a look at the effects and observe the recommendation of your health practitioner or public fitness worker.

How to Get Test at Walgreens Covid Testing

FREE drive-via Walgreens Covid Testing options?

Walgreens gives 3 sorts of free* drive-via trying out for a while 3+. Appointments are to be had up to 2 days in advance. Online reserving only.

Diagnostic Lab Test (PCR)
RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel Test

  • Most turnaround times  within 72 hours  (varies based on location)1
  • Samples are sent to a laboratory for testing
  • Meets pre-travel testing requirements

Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW)
Rapid Molecular Test

  • Results are available within 24 hours
  • Samples are tested on-site
  • Meets most pre-travel testing requirements, including Hawaii

Rapid Antigen Test (BinaxNOW)
Rapid Antigen Test2

  • Results are available within one hour
  • Samples are tested on-site
  • Offered at limited locations
  • May meet pre-travel testing requirements; check with your destination

Schedule your Appointment for Walgreens Covid Testing

*Please note: Due to massive demands, Sometimes Appointments aren’t to be had. You might also additionally have to test often to Schedule your appointments.

  • Contact your healthcare company or go to your state, tribe, nearby outside image, and nearby fitness branch internet site for the contemporary nearby records approximately you take a look at. The form of COVID-19 virus taken a look at furnished might also additionally range from place to place.
  • If you’ve got symptoms and symptoms or signs of COVID-19 and can’t be examined with the aid of using your healthcare company or fitness care company, you and your healthcare company might also additionally not forget both a domestic series package or a domestic take a look at.

Use of Viral test results

  • If the take a look at it is tremendous, you already know what protection measures you have to take to save your others from getting ill.
  • If the take a look at it is terrible, you’re in all likelihood now no longer inflamed whilst the pattern turned into collecting. Take a look at the result method that COVID-19 turned into now no longer a gift at the time of trying out. Please keep taking measures to guard
  • your self.

Positive Viral Test

  • If you take a look at the tremendous virus that reasons COVID-19, right here are the stairs to maintain others safe, no matter your COVID-19 vaccination popularity. Quarantine at domestic and quarantine from others for a minimum of 10 days.
  • If you’re asymptomatic, quarantine at domestic for as a minimum any other 10 days.
  • If signs appear, maintain quarantine for a minimum of 10 days after the onset of signs, except if the signs enhance and there may be no fever for a minimum of 24 hours without the usage of antipyretics.
  • Most humans have slight COVID-19 contamination and may get better at domestic without clinical care.
  • Contact your health practitioner as quickly as feasible in case you are very probably to get ill due to the fact you’re aged or have had preceding contamination, or in case your signs worsen.
  • Talk to your health practitioner or your nearby fitness branch to discover how long you need to quarantine
  • If you’ve got severe contamination with COVID-19, or the immune machine is weakened.
  • The take a look at result turned tremendous, accompanied by the aid of using a terrible result.
  • Also, It could be tremendous weeks after the primary result.

Negative Virus Test

  • If the take a look at the virus inflicting COVID 19 is terrible, no virus has been detected.
  • If you’ve got COVID-19 signs,
  • You might also additionally have acquired a false terrible take a look at the result, however, you could nonetheless have COVID-19. You want to isolate yourself from others.
  • Talk to your health practitioner to talk about your signs for an observe-up take a look, particularly in case your signs worsen, and the way long you’ve got been quarantined.
  • If you don’t have any signs of COVID-19, you could were inflamed by a person with
  • COVID-19: Probably now no longer.

If you have no symptoms of COVID-19 and no known exposure to people with COVID-19:

You do not need to quarantine yourself.