What is New Walgreens Abortion Pill Policy 2023?

Walgreens Abortion Pill – Since the Supreme Court has overturned the decision giving powers of abortion to American women, new debates and updates are emerging in the country.

A few days ago, one of the biggest pharmaceutical retail giants, Bulgarians, announced that they would not distribute abortion pills in 20 states. The company announced that they are under pressure from anti-abortion lawmakers, and they are also targeting the legality of medication.

Till now, the fight for the right to abortion was only happening on the streets in the form of protests and courthouses. Nowadays, the fight has also included retail pharmacies, and Walgreens has become the torchbearer.

Discontinued Walgreens abortion pills

Walgreens, one of the biggest pharmaceutical retail giants in the United States, has mentioned in a statement that they intend to be a certified pharmacy and they will distribute abortion pills only in those jurisdictions where it is legal.

In 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the Roe versus Wade season, which Took the powers of abortion from the hands of American women.

Soon after that, abortion pills became one of the hottest topics in the country, and they also accounted for the majority of abortions obtained in the country. Abortion pills were not in the news since anti-abortion lawmakers started questioning doorbells as well.

It is not the first time any company or individual has been questioning the Conundrum of abortion pills. A federal judge in Texas is also going to rule any day on a lawsuit seeking to block the use of different abortion pills nationwide.

That lawsuit is one of the biggest lawsuits associated with abortion since the Supreme Court overturned its most controversial decision ever. Since that day, women in the United States have been protesting against their fundamental rights.

A huge number of women believe that abortion is their fundamental right as it is their own body. Different feminist groups have been saying that democracy in the United States is ending, as they don’t even have a right to own their bodies.

The United States has more than 64.5 million women of reproductive age. Any ban on medication pills is going to lower their chances of abortion.

The Backlash on Walgreens Abortion Pill Policy

Walgreens, one of the biggest Pharmaceutical giants, announced that they are not going to sell abortion pills even in the state where abortion is legal.

That decision was obvious to see a huge backlash which is happening in the form of bad PR and Television debates. The company has already mentioned in its press releases that abortion pills are a highly debatable and revolving topic.

New developments are happening on the topic every day, and they are getting tons of different legal notices regarding their abortion pills.

During the whole backlash, California announced that they were not going to renew their $54,000,000 contract with Walgreens over the company’s new abortion pill decision.

It is probably one of the biggest backlashes we have seen from any pharmaceutical giant since the start of the Abortion debate in the country. The office of the governor of California has mentioned in a press release that they have several other options where they can procure those medicines. 

There won’t be any shortage of medicine for the inmates.

The country is divided on the latest development of Walgreens abortion pills. On one side, the state of California is not happy with Bulgarians and decided to end its $54,000,000 contract with the company over its new policy.

On the other hand, the state of New Jersey announced that they are not going to cut its ties with Walgreens over abortion pills like California has already done.

The governor of New Jersey has stated in a press statement that they are not going to end their relations with Walgreens. Next trend during the statement, governor Murphy also mentioned that companies like Walgreens and CVS pharmacy should stand with women to uphold their freedom.

Walgreens Abortion Pill
Walgreens Abortion Pill

Are Walgreens Abortion Pills Coming Back?

It’s a highly debatable question whether Walgreens abortion pills are going to come back or not.

More than 20 democratic senators have already asked Walgreens to provide more details on their recently announced plans regarding Walgreens abortion pills. At the same time, those senators are also pressing other pharmaceutical giants to make it clear on their stand as well.

Those senators have also asked Walgreens to provide the strongest possible access to the pills and make the decision completely clear to the public. Retail pharmaceutical chains were not in the fight to offer the right to abortion before the announcement of Walgreens abortion pills.

Now, the situation has completely changed, and everybody is confused. In the last few days, it has become pretty much clear that the company is standing against the use of abortion pills even in the states where abortion is completely legal.

Walgreens lost a $54,000,000 contract with the state of California as they were not complying with the laws. Still, Walgreens is standing on its previous decision to not sell Walgreens abortion pills even in states where abortion is legal.

These abortion pills are not just used to abort any pregnancy. Healthcare experts also recommend these bills to women who have already experienced miscarriage due to natural courses to completely wash out the pregnancy.

That is why a huge number of healthcare experts in the country are also not supporting the decision of Walgreens. Now, healthcare experts will have to rely on different methods, and it may also put the lives of patients at risk.

What are the alternatives to Walgreens abortion pills?

Walgreens has already made it clear they are not going to sell abortion pills in more than 20 states. Patients who need abortion pills can opt for other pharmacies, as companies like CVS pharmacy and Kroger have not made any comments on the same.