Upcoming Tennessee Volunteers Football Schedule – 2022

Tennessee Volunteers Football Schedule – The United States loves football. The 2014 season of the Super Bowl was the most-watched broadcast of all time. Around 114 million viewers watched the Super Bowl on 1st February 2015, and it surpassed every other previous record.

Different universities in the United States also have their teams. One of those prominent teams is the Tennessee Volunteers football. The team was established back in 1891, and they have played around 130 seasons till now. They have won sugar bowls four times, and cotton bowls three times.

The 2022 football season has arrived, and so does the Tennessee Volunteer’s football schedule. This season, the Tennessee Volunteers football team has only lost one match to Georgia 27 – 13. Other than that, the team has been winning like crazy since they first started against the bold state to all the vacant tacky till October 30th.

Only the Georgia Bulldogs are a little bit ahead of the Tennessee Volunteers by winning all the games they have played till now.

Upcoming Tennessee Volunteers Football Schedule

Before we discuss the odds, spread, or lineup of the Tennessee vs. South Carolina format, let’s take a look at the Upcoming Tennessee Volunteers football matches.

In the 2022 season, Tennessee volunteers football or the big orange has been doing tremendously. The team has played ten games and won nine out of them, which is the highest if you take a look at the scorecard of the last decade.

Their win streak has once again ignited the interest of fans in the Tennessee team, and people have been searching for their schedule like crazy. Unfortunately, the team has only a handful of games this season.

  • Tennessee vs. South Carolina on Saturday, November 19, in Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt on Saturday, November 16, in Nashville, Tennessee.

As the tournament is still in the league stage, the date and place of the semifinals and finals are not fixed yet. At the same time, the opponents have also not been decided as the other league is also playing the season matches. 

If we take a look at the trend, we believe that the Tennessee Volunteers football team is going to finish second in the list, and they will fight the table Topper of another Group.

We will update you on the semifinals and finals once the teams have finished the group stage. The last match of the group is around 6th December, and we will update you after that.

Tennessee Volunteers Football Schedule
Tennessee Volunteers Football Schedule

Results of Tennessee Volunteers Football Team

Till now, the Tennessee Volunteers football team has played exceptionally well as they have won nine games out of 10 they played this season. 

If we compare it with the last season, the team has been seeing a huge success as they lost five games out of the 13 they played in the regular season. As compared to season 2020, the Tennessee Volunteers football team has completely reversed its position as they only want three games in the regular season.

The 2022 season has been one of the best for the team. Even if you take a look at the scorecard of the last 10 years, you won’t find any other season like this. If tennis somehow manages to win the upcoming two games, it could be their best season of the last few decades.

  • Tennessee won against Ball State 59-10 on Thursday, September 1st, in Knoxville, TN.
  • Tennessee won against Pittsburgh 34-27 on Saturday, September 10th, in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Tennessee won against Akron 63-6 on Saturday, September 17th, in Knoxville, TN.
  • Tennessee won against Florida 38-33 on Saturday, September 24th, in Knoxville, TN.
  • Tennessee won against LSU 40-13 on Saturday, October 8th, in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles.
  • Tennessee won against Alabama 52-49 on Saturday, October 15th, in Knoxville, TN.
  • Tennessee won against UT Martin 65-24 on Saturday, October 22nd, in Knoxville, TN.
  • Tennessee won against Kentucky 44-6 on Saturday, October 29th, in Knoxville, TN.
  • Tennessee lost against Georgia 27-13 on Saturday, November 5th, in Athens, Georgia.
  • Tennessee won against Missouri 66-24 on Saturday, November 12th, in Knoxville, TN.

Apart from their laws against Georgia, the Tennessee team has been doing a tremendous job this season, as they have won almost every game of the regular season. Their next game is against South Carolina let’s take a look at the preview of the game.

Tennessee vs. South Carolina odds, and Spread

Tennessee, one of the table toppers, is going to face South Carolina on November 20th. If South Carolina somehow manages to win the game, the team is going to jump from 5th place to third place in the standings.

Tennessee is in second place with nine wins, and Georgia Bulldogs are at first with ten games. It might look impossible to beat Tennessee in the standings, but South Carolina and two other teams cannot lose their hopes as they have enough games to do that.

Tennessee vs. South Carolina Prediction

The odds of the game are completely in favor of Tennessee as they have an 89.4% chance to win the game and move to 10-1 this year. 

South Carolina is at the 5th place in the standings, and they have a mere 10.6% chance to win the game. In our opinion, we should be giving a little bit more room to South Carolina as the game is on their home ground. 

Tennessee will be under pressure as they are going to play outside of their home, where they have faced only a loss against the Georgia Bulldogs.

Experts in the game have been predicting that Tennessee can win the game by 42-23. South Carolina has been performing mixed, and they’re not doing well as compared to Tennessee.

What does the Tennessee Volunteers football schedule say about the team?

Tennessee Volunteer’s football schedule is completely in favor of the team as they have been doing a tremendous job this season. It could also be one of their best seasons forever, as they have only lost one game out of 10 they played till now. Their next game is also against South Carolina, which is in 5th place, and Tennessee is expected to win the game.