What are the Stomach Cancer Symptoms, Causes & Treatment?

Stomach Cancer Symptoms – In recent years, cases of cancer have been skyrocketing in the United States and all around the world. Millions of people around the world lost their lives due to cancer, as it is one of the most deadly diseases.

There are different types of cancers, and healthcare experts have categorized those cancers depending on their origin. For example, lung cancer will originate in the lungs, while pancreatic cancer will originate in the pancreas.

Today, we are here to discuss stomach cancer. It is also a very common cancer in the United States, as we record more than 200,000 cases of stomach cancer each year. We will help you understand stomach cancer symptoms, coma diagnosis, and the treatment process.

Basic knowledge about stomach cancer will help you understand the whole disease, and it can also help you in your next decision-making.

What is Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer is also referred to as gastric cancer. Cancer can happen in any part of the stomach, but the United States records most stomach cancers occurring in Gastroesophageal Junction. It is the same tube that is known to carry chewed-up food and meets the stomach.

Stomach cancer was one of the leading causes of cancer death in the United States, but a recent medical advancement has lowered the number to the lowest side possible.

Anyone can develop stomach cancer, but most people who have been diagnosed with stomach cancer are around the age of 68. Similar to other cancers, healthcare experts do not understand the major causes of stomach cancer, but they believe the unnecessary growth of cells and the stomach causes stomach cancer.

Stomach Cancer Symptoms
Stomach Cancer Symptoms

What are the Symptoms of Stomach Cancer?

Similar to other types of cancers, stomach cancer is also a notorious one. There is a high probability that the patient might not even experience any signs or symptoms until the cancer has already reached the second or 3rd stage.

As per the American Cancer Society, there are some early signs of stomach cancer, but they are also associated with several other general diseases.

  • Indigestion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Heartburn
  • Slight Nausea
  • Bloating

As you can see in the bud given list, a huge number of Americans experience these symptoms regularly. That is why the American Cancer Society believes that there are some symptoms of stomach cancer, but you might not even think about those.

One-star stomach cancer has already reached the second or 3rd stage, some symptoms will appear, and they won’t go away as easily as general diseases.

American Cancer Society believes you will experience the below-given list of symptoms:

  • Stomach pain
  • Blood in stool
  • Weight loss
  • Troubles swallowing
  • Yellowish eyes
  • Swelling in your stomach 
  • constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • A general feeling of weakness
  • Heartburn

These are among the most common symptoms of stomach cancer. Kindly do not self-diagnose yourself with stomach cancer simply based on the above give-up symptoms, as per the American Cancer Society.

There are a huge number of conditions that can cause the above-given list of symptoms, and those conditions are not going to be cancer.

What are the Causes of Stomach Cancer?

You might get disappointed to know that healthcare experts around the world are yet to figure out the right causes of stomach cancer.

This is the story with the most cancer in the world, as healthcare experts are still figuring out and doing several studies.

Till now, health experts know that when cells in the stomach start to grow more than they require, it becomes cancer. 

Despite all these things, healthcare experts still believe that some people are more vulnerable to developing stomach cancer.

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Diet high in salty foods
  • Alcohol
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Type Blood
  • Family history
  • Exposure to several chemicals

These are some of the most important things you should keep in mind when it comes to stomach cancer. The American Cancer Society believes that the above-given things play a major role in someone getting diagnosed with stomach cancer.

If you are a person who does not smoke or consume alcohol regularly and you are not working in a factory, Then there is a high probability that you might never get diagnosed with stomach cancer.

How to Diagnose Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer is not a very common type of cancer. Health experts don’t recommend anyone to go with the routine screening for stomach cancer as it’s not a common one.

Health experts only suggest regular screening for people who are above the age of 60, Poor those who are more vulnerable to developing stomach cancer due to being in the high-risk category.

When you first visit your healthcare provider for the diagnosis of stomach cancer, your healthcare provider will start the diagnosis with a physical exam.

Your healthcare provider will ask a bunch of questions regarding your medical history and current symptoms. At the same time, you might also have to provide the medical history of your immediate family.

  • Your healthcare provider might suggest you go for a blood test to look for any signs of cancer in your body.
  • Upper endoscopy is another popular diagnostic test for stomach cancer. The healthcare provider will put a theme, a flexible tube with a small camera, down to your Throat during an upper endoscopy.
  • The Upper GI series test is also a very popular diagnostic test for stomach cancer. Your healthcare provider will suggest you drink a chalky liquid with a Substance called cold barium. It will help your healthcare provider see things more clearly.
  • CT scans and biopsy tests are other popular tests for the diagnosis of stomach cancer.

The American Cancer Society suggests everyone consult with their healthcare provider when it comes to the diagnosis of any type of cancer, let alone stomach cancer.

You cannot diagnose yourself simply based on some symptoms you are experiencing. Most of the symptoms are also similar to several other conditions, and you should always consult with your healthcare provider whenever you have any doubts regarding cancer.

Cancer is a severe condition, and it is also known to impact your financial, social life, personal life, and psychology. Kindly do not think that you are struggling with any type of cancer unless your healthcare provider has already diagnosed it.

Treatment of Stomach Cancer

There are different approaches when it comes to the treatment of stomach cancer. These approaches are going to be somewhat similar to other types of cancers.

Your healthcare provider will suggest a treatment option depending on several things, including your financials, your age, your existing medical conditions, your stage of cancer, etc.

These are some of the things that your healthcare expert is going to consider before suggesting you any treatment option for stomach cancer. If you are not able to handle the expenses and offer specific treatment, then there is no meaning in going with that treatment option.


Surgery is one of the most effective treatments when it comes to any type of cancer. If your surgeon can cut cancer out of your body, then there is nothing else in the world as good as that.

Cancer is known to grow again as your body is already doing the things it should not, such as growing more than it needs. When your surgeon cuts out cancer, then there is a low probability that it will ever come back. 

Surgery is one of the most popular treatment options for stomach cancer when the cancer is already at stage zero, stage one, and stage 2.


Those who have heard about cancer might even have heard about chemotherapy, as it is also one of the most popular treatment options for the condition.

There is no single treatment option that is going to help if cancer has already grown two other body parts. 

If cancer has already reached stage 2 or stage 3, then there is a high probability that your healthcare provider will suggest a combination of treatment options, including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

How to Prevent Stomach Cancer?

As everyone on this earth can develop cancer, it can become a little bit hard to prevent the disease. Still, the American Cancer Society has some suggestions for people around the world to prevent stomach cancer.

  • First of all, you should consult the treatment options for every stomach disease you have. A lot of people do not take stomach diseases very seriously, but they can later initiate cancer.
  • Secondly, you should try to have a balanced diet with high fruits and raw vegetables. Kindly try to reduce the consumption of red meat, salt, and other high-fat food items. 
  • You can also maintain a healthy weight as obesity is one of the biggest causes of different types of cancers.

What is the cure for stomach cancer?

Your healthcare provider might be able to cure stomach cancer if they somehow diagnosed it in its early stages. Similar to other types of cancers, people get diagnosed with stomach cancer when it has already reached the advanced stages.