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  • November 16, 2022

Philadelphia Eagles Football Schedule for Upcoming Games – 2022

Philadelphia Eagles Football Schedule – The football season is at its peak in the United States. The league stage is almost over, and in a few weeks, we will have our champions. Since its establishment in 1933, Philadelphia Eagles has been one of the most prominent teams.

Philadelphia Eagles are among the most successful teams this season as they have won eight games out of nine they played this season. Only Vikings from the north are in a similar position with Philadelphia, but no other team has won this many matches till now.

Their huge success has been gaining the attention of football fans around the country, and fans have been looking for Philadelphia Eagles football schedules. If you are also one of those fans, then you are at the right place, as we are going to take a complete look at their schedule.

The team has already suffered a strong setback in the last game, and we are expecting the Philadelphia Eagles to come back with a strong grip in the game. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to be the favorite for this season, as not many teams have been performing like them.

Philadelphia Eagles Football Schedule fo Upcoming Games

Philadelphia Eagles have already played half of the season, and they have been doing a tremendous job by winning eight matches, one after another.

Yes, the team saw a small setback when they played against Washington on Tuesday, November 15th. That small setback is not going to have any impact on the team in upcoming matches. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to play more than 18 games in the upcoming weeks.

  • Philadelphia vs. Indianapolis on Sunday, November 20th. 
  • Philadelphia vs. Green Bay on Monday and November 28th.
  • Philadelphia vs. Tennessee on Sunday, December 4th.
  • Philadelphia vs. New York on Sunday, December 11th.
  • Philadelphia vs. Chicago on Sunday, December 18th.
  • Philadelphia vs. Dallas on Sunday, December 25th.
  • Philadelphia vs. New Orleans on Sunday, January 1st.
  • Philadelphia vs. New York on Sunday, January 8th.

The group stage has not ended for any team in the league, so it is a little bit hard to discuss the schedule for the semifinals and other games. As soon as the group stage has ended, we will update you more on the next schedule of the team.

The team is going to finish at the top even after the group stage, and the team is going to have at least three to four games. 

Philadelphia Eagles Football Schedule
Philadelphia Eagles Football Schedule

Old Matches of the Philadelphia Eagles

Before we move ahead and talk about anything else, let’s take a quick look at all the games Philadelphia Eagles have already played in the tournament.

It is no surprise that the team has been doing exceptionally well and gaining the attention of fans around the nation. The teams have already won eight games in the season, and we have just crossed the first half.

Unfortunately, the Philadelphia Eagles win streak ended When they played against Washington. The team suffered a defeat of 32-21, but the morale of the team was still at the top.

  • Philadelphia won against Detroit 38-35 on Sunday, September 11th.
  • Philadelphia won against Minnesota 38-35 on Sunday, September 20th.
  • Philadelphia won against Washington 38-35 on Sunday, September 25th.
  • Philadelphia won against Jacksonville 38-35 on Sunday, October 2nd.
  • Philadelphia won against Arizona 38-35 on Sunday, October 10th.
  • Philadelphia won against Dallas 38-35 on Sunday, October 17th.
  • Philadelphia won against Pittsburgh 38-35 on Sunday, October 30th.
  • Philadelphia won against Houston 38-35 on Sunday, November 4th.
  • Philadelphia won against Washington 38-35 on Sunday, November 15th.

The first nine matches of the Philadelphia Eagles were amazing for the team as they managed to create a winning streak of eight games. The game experts have been expecting Philadelphia to perform exceptionally well in the second half of the season as well.

The team is not struggling with many injured players, and we are expecting the team to keep working as they did in the first half. Till now, Philadelphia Eagles are table Toppers, and we expect them to be like that in the second half as well. Players like Sanders, Jalen Hurls, and Brown have been doing tremendous work in the season.

Only the Minnesota Vikings have been performing like the Philadelphia Eagles, and we are expecting both teams to be in the finals. We will update you as soon as we get it.

Philadelphia vs. Indianapolis

Table Topper Philadelphia is going to face Indianapolis Colts In its upcoming match on 20th November 2022. The game is going to be on Sunday, so you can spare some time to watch it live on TV. The game is going to be broadcast on the CBS network.

Philadelphia has been seeing tremendous success in the season, but Indianapolis Colts have played ten games, and they have only managed to win four of them. Their last game against the Texans ended in a tie.

Despite their history till now, both teams are going to be in different energy as Philadelphia will try to once again start their win streak while Indianapolis will try to keep the momentum like last game.

Once again, the Eagles are going to play out of their comfort zone and home ground. Indianapolis will try to capture the moment and set a trap game for the Eagles. Most experts are still in favor of the Philadelphia Eagles, as they have been playing tremendously this season.

If you are into fantasy leagues, then we highly recommend you have Philadelphia Eagles as your favorite. The team is doing great, and they suffered a strong setback in the last game, which is going to help the team come back strongly.

Where can I watch the upcoming Philadelphia Eagles games?

There are few broadcasting giants active in this Football League, and you can easily watch the games on CBS, NBC, and Fox networks. Depending on the venue and schedule, the timing of the match can also vary, and we highly recommend you keep checking their official website for any new updates. You can also visit the stadium to watch it live as the ticket is not going to cost more than $150.