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Financial Best Practices Working Group

The Financial Best Practices Working Group strives to identify best practices, areas for improvement, and to a lesser extent, consistency and differences of financial/business operations. The working group represents the interests of participating user facilities.

Financial Best Practices Working Group List Sever: Only members can post to this list. This list server is moderated and all requests by non-members will be rejected. Requests by members should be sent to


Co-chairs - Jerry Kekos (LBNL), Connie Markiewicz (ANL)

Steering Committee Liaison - Sue Bailey, (LBNL)

Lori Avery Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Susan Bailey Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Heather Brown The Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Lorie Hickey Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jerry Kekos Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Connie Markiewicz Argonne National Laboratory
Crystal Schrof Oak Ridge National Laboratory