Narcissist Narcissistic personality disorder
Narcissist Narcissistic personality disorder

Narcissist Personality Disorder – Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

Narcissist – Narcissistic personality disorder is A rare personality disorder. As per the official reports, there are fewer than 200,000 cases of narcissism, but you’re in the United States of America. 

Even though there are no known goes of narcissistic personality disorder, it mostly affects Men. Many reports indicate that it is due to a combination of genetics and environmental factors.

There are many symptoms related to narcissism that can tell you whether a person has a narcissistic personality disorder or not. Even though there is no cure for the disorder, treatment can help and improve overall personality.

What is Narcissistic personality disorder?

Have you ever met someone who is extremely self-involved and ignores the needs of other people around? If yes, then that person is called a narcissist.

Even though everyone knows narcissistic behavior once in a while, which is also called being selfish does not mean that that person is a narcissist.

The person affected with narcissistic personality order does not understand how his actions might be affecting other people. 

There is a huge difference between thinking about himself or being affected with a narcissistic personality disorder. 


Types of narcissist

There are two different types of a narcissist. Every person affected with a narcissistic personality disorder will fall under one of these category types. 

Grandiose Narcissism

The first type of narcissistic personality disorder is grandiose narcissism. In this type, the Affected person is aggressive dominant and exaggerates their importance everywhere.

These types of people are high in self-confidence, and they are not sensitive at all. They feel like they are superior and treat others badly. Other than that, they also tend to brag about being elitist also.

Vulnerable Narcissism

vulnerable narcissism is the second type of narcissistic personality disorder. People affected with narcissistic personality disorder, other than the grandiose category, fall under this category.

These types of people are very sensitive in their behavior. Their narcissistic behavior helps them to protect themselves against feelings. 

Signs of narcissist

If anyone is struggling with narcissistic personality disorder, it will be hard for them to hide the signs. Let’s talk about a few signs of narcissism. It will give you more clarity, but we are talking about it now because it is very hard for you to distinguish between self-love and narcissism.

Lack of empathy

Lack of empathy is one of the most important for money and easy to spot signs of narcissism. As we talked about earlier, Boston affected with narcissistic personality disorder won’t have any feelings for others.

They don’t care what others want or need. They don’t take responsibility for their own behavior, and it is very hard for them to understand What others are going through.

Need of admiration

A narcissist person cannot stand a chance if other people do not admire or praise their doings. People affected with narcissism often brag or exaggerate so that they can receive praise and admiration from others.

High in manipulation

Every person affected with narcissistic personality disorder Is very high in manipulative behavior. Different types of narcissistic people use different mechanisms to manipulate others’ behavior.

At first, they may try to please you or impress you, but at last, their own needs will always come first. A narcissistic person will use every means possible to manipulate such as emotions, fear, or greed.

They live in the fantasy world

a narcissistic person cannot live in reality because reality does not support their elitism and superior mentality. They always live in a fantasy world in which they are the most superior person, and they are experts in every single thing.

They used these fantasies to protect themselves from feelings of emptiness inside. Whenever someone tries to bust the fantasy world, narcissistic people will retaliate, and they will use rage as a defensive mechanism.


Deal with a Narcissist

Even though there are not many people affected with narcissistic personality disorder in the United States of America, it is very important for you to know how you can deal with a narcissist for your own safety.

Not expecting anything

Whenever you are dealing with a narcissist, it is very important for you not to expect anything from them. As you know, a person affected with narcissistic personality disorder won’t have any empathy or sympathy. If you are dealing with a narcissist, then don’t expect anything.

Focus on yourself

I know it’s very hard for anyone to leave a narcissist because they are very high in self-esteem and will like people like that. 

But you should focus on yourself rather than making a narcissist happy because the other person is not going to change and respect your feelings. 

Don’t take things personally.

A narcissist person won’t even remember what they have said after some time, so if you are dealing with a Narcissist person, kindly don’t take anything personally.

It will be beneficial for your mental health if you just focus on yourself and your priorities rather than arguing or attacking a narcissist because that is not going to work.

A narcissist person is not going to even accept what they have done wrong, because they live in a fantasy world where they are the superior, and you are inferior.

Diagnosis of Narcissist behavior

Now let’s talk about how to diagnose a narcissistic person. Because many symptoms over science related to narcissistic personality disorder are also related to other disorders. 

  • Signs and symptoms tell mostly about narcissistic behavior.
  • Get a physical exam to make sure that person does not have any physical problem which could be causing these symptoms.
  • It’s a psychological evaluation that might include filling out questionnaires to evaluate the situation.

These are the few things that a doctor might recommend to a person affected with a narcissistic personality disorder. There is no machine in the world which can diagnose it. 

Treatment of narcissism

Treatment for Narcissistic personality disorder includes two Options one is a therapy which is psychotherapy, and the other is medication depending on the symptoms.


Doctors usually suggest Narcissist people get psychotherapy rather than anything else because psychotherapy can help a Narcissist person to learn about his behavior.

The therapy can also let him understand how relationships work and how to have emotions other than being self-centered.

A therapist will understand what are the main symptoms of a person diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, and depending on the symptoms therapist will help the Narcissistic person improve his behavior.

It can be a long-term therapy to let the diagnosed person know how to manage stress and crisis. Other than that, the therapist also helps to learn how to collaborate and become a better person.


There is no dedicated medication for narcissistic behavior. Its doctor will understand the symptoms and signs of a narcissistic and advise medication under strict observation.

If the narcissist is having symptoms like depression, and anxiety then medications such as anti-anxiety drugs can be helpful. [Source]

Final thoughts

I know it is very hard to survive with a narcissist because of their self-centered behavior and no empathy. If it is not necessary, you can always keep your distance from this kind of person.

Even though there is no clear treatment or diagnosis for narcissistic personality disorder, there are still a few things that doctors can do and improve their behavior.

The situation can’t be cured, and there are no clear causes, But you can always make sure that you are taking good care of your child if they are struggling with any mental disorder.

How can I spot a person affected with Narcissistic personality disorder?

Usually, it is very easy to spot a narcissist because of their self-centered behavior, but sometimes it becomes very hard for you to understand the clear difference between being self-centered and narcissistic. If other people do not show any empathy or sympathy for others and they do not show any feelings, it is usually classified as narcissistic behavior. Only symptoms or incidents cannot decide whether the person is a Narcissist or not. 

Is there any medication for a narcissistic personality disorder?

No, there is no direct medication for narcissistic personality disorder, but the doctor again right prescription depending on the symptoms and the need. Usually, doctors suggest psychotherapy for their narcissistic behavior. In therapy, a narcissist gets to learn about how they can show emotions and understand the needs of others. It is against the behavior of a narcissist to take Advice from someone else, so it becomes a challenge for both.

Can a Narcissist fall in love?

Due to a lack of empathy and sympathy, it is very hard for a narcissist to fall in love with someone. They may provide good attention in any relationship, but most narcissists lose interest in any relationship over time.