Best Individual Mental Health Insurance 2023

Individual Mental Health Insurance – Mental health is becoming one of the biggest challenges in the 21st century. 2 decades ago, mental health was not an issue for youngsters or Kids in the United States.

In recent years, along with digital development, the cases of mental health in adults and kids have been increasing at rapid speed as more than 20% of adults in the United States are struggling with some sort of mental health disorder.

Getting completely mad is not the only mental health disorder in the world. Regular conditions like depression and anxiety also fall into the similar mental health category, and we should ensure our safety from these diseases. 

Even common mental health disorders can lead to bigger conditions. The federal government of the United States has also started taking the mental health of Americans very seriously.

What are the Best Individual Mental Health Insurance Providers?

Since the federal government of the United States passed the Affordable Care Act, a huge number of health insurance policy providers have started providing mental health insurance in the country.

Nowadays, the market is full of different health insurance providers that also have an option for individual mental health insurance.

Before we discuss the top individual mental health insurance providers, let us remind you once again that the pricing of individual mental health insurance or any other health insurance is going to be different for each person in the world.

There are several factors that may influence the pricing of any individual mental health insurance in the country, which may include:

  • Your current medical condition
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • You are medical history
  • Your habits
  •  History with tobacco and other substances

United Healthcare Mental Health Insurance

United Healthcare is probably the most popular individual mental health insurance company in the United States. The company has been providing health insurance services in the country for decades now.

The pricing of individual mental health insurance plans at united healthcare can vary depending on several circumstances. The healthy individual in his mid-20s might have to pay from a $67 monthly premium to all the way thousands at united healthcare.

The facilities in the United Healthcare mental health insurance plan are also going to vary according to the monthly premium.

For example, the UHC gold advantage plus plan is going to include the following:

  • Free of cost primary care visit
  • Free of cost preventive care visit 
  • low-cost specialist visit
  • Free of cost generic drugs
  • Low-cost imaging such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and pet
  • Low-cost blood tests
  • Low-cost emergency room 
  • Low-cost ambulance service
  • Low-cost hospital stay

There are a huge number of services available for free of cost with a united healthcare gold advantage plus plan. Along with that, the UnitedHealthcare Gold Advantage Plus plan also provides very low-cost outpatient services and psychiatric hospitals for mental health and substance abuse.

Individual Mental Health Insurance
Individual Mental Health Insurance

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance

Kaiser Permanente health insurance might have a limited presence in the United States, but they are very popular in those states. They have a limited presence in only nine states, but they have a wide range of mental health protections.

Kaiser Permanente health insurance may include the below-given services with a signature gold 500/20 plan.

  • Free of cost chat, email, visit, phone, and video visit to a healthcare provider.
  • Free of cost routine physical exam, mammography.
  • Low-cost primary care and specialty care visits. 
  • Low-cost X-rays and other screening tests. 
  • Low-cost maternity and delivery services.

One of the best parts about Kaiser Permanente health insurance is that the health insurance provider does not require any referral from a doctor to see a mental health specialist.

Anyone can visit a Psychiatrist list without even any prescription for a very low cost. That is why they became one of the most popular choices for individual mental health insurance providers in those nine states.

Individual Mental Health Insurance
Individual Mental Health Insurance

What are the Benefits of Getting Individual Mental Health Insurance?

There are a huge number of benefits when it comes to getting individual mental health insurance. Anyone in the world can develop mental health disorders, and it is not just limited to youngsters or people with pressure from their job.

Several factors can play a major part in anyone getting mental health disorders, and you should be prepared to fight those disorders.

No-Cost Medicine and Therapy

The cost of mental health prescription medicines and therapy is very high, and more than 50% of Americans do not get any help for those issues because of Money. Individual mental health insurance can help you cover those prescription medicines and therapies.

Without mental health insurance, individuals will be liable to pay thousands of dollars to get better from these disorders. At the same time, people who already have individual mental health insurance won’t have to worry about that, and they can focus on their recovery.

Low-Cost Hospitalization

Along with no-cost medicine and therapy, individual mental health insurance can also provide low-cost hospitalization. People with mental health disorders might have to spend months in mental care facilities.

The bills of dose facilities can rise quickly each day, and with the help of mental health insurance, you can pay those bills without any worries. There will be an upper limit on which you can spend each day in a hospital room. Still, that will be more than enough to pay.

Counseling and Substance Abuse Treatment

The benefits of individual health insurance do not just stop at The disease or its recovery. The beneficiary can also opt for free counseling sessions using their individual mental health insurance. 

The Affordable Care Act made it pretty clear that every health insurance provider in the country should also focus on providing counseling and substance abuse treatment.

Most people do not have to take any medicine over professional treatment for common mental health conditions. In those cases, the mental health insurance provider will help you get counseling so that you can come out of your common Mental health issues.

Who Should Get Individual Mental Health Insurance?

Life in the 21st century is getting tougher and tougher, which has been causing several mental health issues in youngsters. 

Keeping that in mind, the federal government of the United States directed health insurance providers to also work on mental health as well.

That is why we are here to help you understand who should be getting individual mental health insurance. If you fall in any of the below-given categories, you should get mental health insurance right away.

  • People who have a history of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, or any other, should get themselves good mental health insurance. 
  • People who live under the stress of life challenges should also seek immediate individual mental health insurance assistance. The fast-moving life of the 21st century has been causing a lot of trouble for individuals. 
  • Those who already have a family history of mental illness of any kind should not ignore the probability and consult with their healthcare provider.
  • If you were ever part of a severe accident, sexual abuse, physical abuse, or natural disaster, you should seek individual mental health insurance as these events are known to impact the mental health of people.
  • Lastly, people who want to prioritize their mental health should not ignore the Add of mental health insurance plans.

These are not the only people who should be seeking individual mental health insurance period apart from the above-given list, and there could be thousands of different categories where people will require individual mental health insurance.

We highly recommend everyone consult it with their healthcare provider. There could be thousands of different factors which may impact your mental health and cause conditions like depression and anxiety.

What are the Drawbacks of Individual Mental Health Insurance?

Before you select any individual mental health insurance, you should remember that there could be some drawbacks to that.

  • First of all, you should make sure that you do not have to pay high out-of-pocket costs when it comes to mental health insurance. You should consult the out-of-pocket costs With a consultant before opting for any individual mental health insurance.
  • Apart from that, you should also make sure that your healthcare provider has a wide range of mental health experts. You might not be able to get full benefits if your Health insurance provider does not have a wide range of mental health providers in its coverage.

A lot of mental health insurance providers do not cover pre-existing conditions. Kindly open up about every possible condition you might have with the individual mental health insurance provider.

What are the ways to choose the best individual mental health insurance?

There are multiple things you should keep in mind before you opt for any individual mental health insurance. You should make sure that it fits into your budget, as there are tons of different health insurance providers in the market. At the same time, you should also make sure it includes your pre-existing condition or provide enough excess to require services.