How Much Does Urgent Care Cost without Insurance?

How Much Does Urgent Care Cost without Insurance – Medical services of any kind can be highly costly, and everyone needs to keep track of the prices of different service providers So that they can make wise decisions during emergencies. 

Urgent care is one of the most popular choices for the non-life-threatening medical needs of most Americans. As per one estimation, there are more than 8000 urgent care locations in the United States offered by different companies. 

Keeping the popularity of urgent care in mind, we are here to help you understand how much urgent care costs without insurance and with insurance.

What is the Cost of Urgent Care without Insurance?

There are 2 kinds of people in the world. There are people with health insurance, and there are people who like to live On their terms.

Let’s talk about the group of people without any health insurance. Despite being one of the most advanced countries in the world, a lot of Americans do not have health insurance which can become a little bit dangerous under emergency medical needs.

Without any health insurance, you will have to pay the complete fees for urgent care facilities.

For example, if you have to get some stitches for a minor cut, you will have to pay around $100 to $300 at an urgent care facility without any health insurance.

Take a look at the prices of different services at urgent care and decide On your own whether you want to visit an urgent care facility or opt for some other medical services.

The pricing of the below-given services at urgent care without insurance can vary depending on different circumstances, including the location of the facility and the company offering it.

  • Regular or basic visit at any urgent care facility for minor illness, including injury, is going to cost you between $75 to all the way $150.
  • Lab tests are highly costly at all medical facilities throughout the whole nation, including urgent care period irregular blood tests might cost you around $50, and you can compare it with different facilities. 
  • More complex tests for serious diseases might even cost you hundreds of dollars.
  • X-ray service, which is a basic service to treat any fracture, is going to cost you between $50 to $150 depending on the number of images and the Location.
  • Stitches for minor cuts are going to cost you between $100 to $300.
  • Similar to other services, IV fluids are also going to cost you between $75 to $150 depending on the location and specific fluids you require.

Apart from these services com urgent care facilities also provide prescription and nonprescription medicines. 

The Prescription medicines from the brand name are going to cost as much as other facilities, while you can get a great Discount on generic medicine.

For more information on the pricing of urgent care facilities without health insurance, you will have to visit that specific location. There is no online price list of any services available at different urgent care facilities throughout the whole nation.

All of these facilities are independent, and they work according to their company policy. The pricing of these services can increase or decrease according to the latest company policy.

We highly recommend everyone confirm the pricing before opting for any service.

How Much Does Urgent Care Cost without Insurance
How Much Does Urgent Care Cost without Insurance

How Many Urgent Care Facilities Are in the United States of America?

There is no fix to the number of urgent care facilities available in the United States. Different studies have been suggesting that there are thousands of different urgent care facilities throughout the whole nation offered by different companies.

  • Urgent Care America is a national urgent care provider with more than 100 clinics Throughout the whole United States.
  • Concentra is another large national provider of occupational health and urgent care services. The company has a presence in 44 states with more than 500 clinics.
  • CareNow is a subsidiary of HCA Healthcare, and they operate more than 130 urgent care clinics across The United States.
  • American Family Care is one of the few national urgent care providers with more than 200 clinics across the United States.
  • NextCare is also a national urgent care provider with more than 140 clinics across the United States.
  • MedExpress is an urgent care and walk-in clinic provider with more than 250 clinics in 20 states of The United States.
  • GoHealth Urgent Care is another popular national urgent care provider with more than 150 clinics in 11 states of the country.
  • CityMD has more than 100 urgent care clinics in the New York City area and New Jersey Area.

These are some of the most common and popular urgent care facilities available throughout the whole nation. Apart from the above-given options, there could be hundreds of different companies and independent clinics providing urgent care facilities.

Do urgent care facilities accept health insurance?

Yes, most urgent care facilities in the United States accept health insurance. Accepting a health insurance card at any clinic or urgent care facility is a subjective matter. We highly recommend you consult with the representatives at the facility.