How Long Should I Take Gabapentin for Nerve Pain? |Gabapentin Uses

How Long Should I Take Gabapentin for Nerve Pain – Healthy people might not realize that nerve pain can be a life-changing situation. Nerve pain could start due to a huge number of causes, and health experts recommend several medicines for the situation.

Gabapentin is among the most popular medicines for nerve pain. It is a prescription drug that comes in an immediate-release oral capsule, an immediate-release oral tablet, an extended-release oral tablet, and an oral solution.

Patients who are taking gabapentin for nerve pain usually ask ‘how long should I take gabapentin for nerve pain?’ If you are also a patient of nerve pain and you are taking gabapentin for the condition, then you are in the right place.

How Long Should a Patient Take Gabapentin for Nerve Pain?

Health experts in the country do not have any specific time frame for a patient who is taking gabapentin for nerve pain. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not released any guidelines on the timeline of gabapentin for nerve pain.

When you first visit your healthcare provider for nerve pain, your healthcare provider is going to take a look at the cause of the pain and your current medical condition. After that, The doctor will also ask you about your medical history or look at your record for the same.

All these things are going to play a major part in how long you should be taking Gabapentin for nerve pain and the dose of the drug.

Each patient is different, and they have different tolerance levels. Different things are going to play a major part in the timeline of Gabapentin for nerve pain.

What Factors Decide How Long a Patient Should Take Gabapentin for Nerve Pain?

There are several factors that your healthcare expert is going to keep in mind before letting you know how long you should take Gabapentin for nerve pain.

  • The cause of nerve pain
  • The severity of the disease
  • Current medical conditions of the patient
  • Medical history of the patient
  • Age of the patient

The above given five factors are the minimum thing that your healthcare expert is going to keep in mind before deciding how long you should take gabapentin for nerve damage.

For patients who are young and whose disease is not causing any serious complications, then the healthcare expert might suggest The patient go for the minimum timeline possible.

At the same time, the above-given factors also decide how strong the dose a patient should take for nerve pain is.

For example, for a patient who is of advanced age, has a previous medical history of similar diseases, and struggling with serious symptoms, the healthcare expert might suggest the patient take the high dose for a longer period.

Health experts around the world do not suggest anyone adjust the dosage or the time frame of Gabapentin. Gabapentin is a severe drug, and it is known to cause a huge number of complications when it is not taken with caution.

How Long Should I Take Gabapentin for Nerve Pain
How Long Should I Take Gabapentin for Nerve Pain

Before you Purchase Gabapentin

There are some things you should keep in mind before you purchase gabapentin drugs or you refill your existing prescription.

There are different brands of gabapentin drugs available in the market, and they are not interchangeable. If you were taking a drug for nerve pain from a specific manufacturer, then you should not change the manufacturer without consulting with your healthcare provider.

Even the documents from the FDA have mentioned that FDA approved different manufacturers or brands for different conditions.

If you are purchasing Gabapentin for the first time or you are going for a Refill, you should make sure you are purchasing the brand your healthcare experts suggest.

If you have any budget issues, then you can also ask the generic manufacturer of Gabapentin for your specific condition. Kindly do not take drugs from different manufacturers without consulting with your healthcare provider.

What are the Available Strengths of Gabapentin for Nerve Pain?

Gabapentin is available in all forms possible. It is available in oral capsules, extended-release oral tablets, immediate-release oral tablets, and oral solutions.

Kindly do not take the Gabapentin drug suggested by your healthcare provider. Your healthcare expert might have suggested you a different dosage, and you should not mix your prescription with the information given below.

  • Usually, healthcare experts suggest 300 milligrams of gabapentin orally on the first day.
  • 300 milligrams orally twice on the second day,
  • And 300-milligram dose three times a day on the 3rd day.

Healthcare experts do not recommend more than 1800 milligrams of gabapentin per day, and you should not exceed it under any circumstances.

Later, your healthcare expert might suggest you go for 1800 milligrams orally once a day. The drug is also known to have a huge number of side effects, and the probability of side effects increases with the misuse of Gabapentin.

Warnings of Gabapentin for Nerve Pain

Gabapentin also comes with a boxed warning. It is a dangerous drug, and nobody should use it without consulting with their healthcare provider. If your healthcare provider does not believe you require Gabapentin, you should not consume it under any circumstances.

It Is not an allergy-free medicine, and people who are allergic to any ingredients used in the drug should stay away from Gabapentin. If you have already started developing symptoms like a rash on your face, difficulty breathing, difficulty speaking, swelling on your face, and swelling on the tongue, you should call your healthcare provider immediately.

Gabapentin drug is also known to cause a huge depression, and it can also increase the risk of suicidal thoughts. If you are taking the drug for the very first time, make sure you have someone around you to handle the situation.

Can I take gabapentin with alcohol for nerve pain?

No, it would be best if you did not take gabapentin with alcohol for nerve pain or any other condition. The drug is known to cause sleepiness, and drinking it can make it even worse. Make sure you are not operating any heavy machinery even after taking the drug without alcohol.