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  • February 20, 2023

Hills Prescription Diet Dog Food List 2023

Hills Prescription Diet Dog Food – Dogs are the perfect partner for humans. They are loyal, Courageous, and lovely pets. We all love to be better dogs and take care of them whenever they need it.

Dogs also get a huge number of diseases, and health experts recommend specific diet food so that dogs can recover faster. A dog’s diet is not as easy as a human diet. You cannot prepare new kinds of foods for your dog as you do for yourself.

That is why some companies have been doing tremendous work when it comes to dog diets. Hill’s prescription diet dog food is not just another example of dog diet food companies. Hill’s pet nutrition is a trendsetter company, and they have been in the pet food business for more than one century.

The company was first founded back in 1907 in Kansas, United States. The company has revenue of more than 2.2 billion dollars worldwide. If your dog is struggling with any disease, your healthcare expert will recommend you change its diet, and Hill’s prescription diet dog food is a perfect choice.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important hill prescription dog diet foods available at their official website.

Popular Hills Prescription Diet Dog Food Items

Dogs can also get a ton of different diseases, and hill pet food has come up with the unique idea to launch food items focusing on different conditions.

Each dog diet food item at a huge prescription is a little bit different as compared to others. Different food items are going to focus on different health features, including diabetes, digestive issues, and brain health.

Digestive Issues with Diet Food

Digestive issues are highly common in dogs. Pet owners understand how important it is for Them to keep an eye on the digestive issues of their pets. Pets like dogs live in the house, and if they have any digestive issues, it can get messy in the house.

Hill’s prescription diet food items also focus on several digestive issues. The company has more than 43 different food items focusing on digestive care alone. Dogs might also be sensitive to other food items, and the company has also focused on that as well.

Digestive food items at Hill’s prescription diet start from $45 and then go to $165. Pet owners can purchase it according to their needs.

Weight Management Food Items

Not only humans but dogs may also get fluffy and overweight. Dogs and men also invite a huge number of diseases after being overweight, and pet owners should take care of the weight of their pets.

Similar to the basics of weight loss in humans, food items focusing on weight management for dogs are also going to be high in protein and low in other nutrients. Protein-rich weight management food items will help your dog lose body weight at a much faster pace.

Even if your dog is eating more food, the protein will help your body digest it easily.

Urinary Tract Health

Urinary tract infections are also common in dogs as well. Hills also has several food items focusing on the health of the urinary system of a dog. You can purchase products like urinary care and original treats, which will help your pet improve its urinary functions.

The products focusing on urinary tract health start from $10 and go all the way to $107. There are more than 17 items available for urinary health alone. You can consult the formula with your healthcare provider, as different dog breeds require different food items.

Hills Prescription Diet Dog Food
Hills Prescription Diet Dog Food

Skin and Coat Health

The skin and coat health of a pet dog is another important aspect for pet owners. There are tons of skin and coat diseases that dogs can catch, and it is the responsibility of the pet owner to keep those diseases away from the pet.

Whatever changes are required in the diet of a pet to get better from any skin and coat disease, hill’s prescription diet has food items specifically made for those. Whatever food sensitivities your dog has, you can use the hills’ prescription diet food items and keep those allergies away from your pet.

Other Important Food Items

Apart from the above-given list of food items, Hill’s prescription diet dog food also has a turn-off of different food items for different health features. Pet owners can purchase food items for any health feature given below.

  • Diabetes
  • Dental and breath care
  • Brain Health
  • Allergies 
  • Calming
  • heart care
  • Hip and joint support
  • Liver care
  • Kidney care
  • Senior care

It might not be the complete list of important hill prescription dog food items. You can also check their official website for an updated list and food items, as the company is introducing different food items every month.

Where to Purchase Hill’s Prescription Diet Dog Food?

There are multiple platforms on the Internet where you can purchase Hill’s prescription diet dog food. Hills prescription diet is in partnership with several digital marketplaces where you can purchase their products.

You can purchase Hill’s prescription diet dog food at marketplaces like:

  • Chewy
  • Petco
  • Petflow
  • Petsmart
  • Pet care

All the above given five platforms are the official partners of Hill’s prescription diet dog food. These platforms are world-renowned, and anyone can purchase them using their official website.

The delivery charges and other policies might be different on each platform. Everyone should compare the rates and services of these platforms before making any purchase. The company won’t be liable for any damaged goods or wrong shipments.

Make sure you understand the return and shipment policy of the platform where you are going to make your purchase.

How Long Can a Pet be on Hill Prescription Diet Dog Food?

You might not get surprised to know that each Hill’s prescription diet dog food item has a different feeding length. There are some food items that you should not feed your pet for more than three months, while there are some food items that you can feed your dog for more than a year.

Usually, healthcare experts recommend the time frame of a hill’s prescription diet dog food while giving the prescription. Every pet owner should consult the length of the diet with their veterinarian.

Pet owners cannot leave their pets on the same diet dog food for a longer period at the same time, and pet owners also require a prescription from a veterinarian to buy hill prescription diet dog food.

While giving out the prescription, veterinarians also tell about the time frame of these food items your dog should consume. Kindly make sure you are following their directions over these food items may also backfire and cause other serious complications.

What are the Side Effects of Hill’s Prescription Diet Dog Food?

Hill’s prescription diet dog food might be a dog food company in the United States, but the company has recently recalled a huge number of food items.

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States investigated the presence of potentially toxic vitamin d levels in some food items offered by Hill’s prescription diet dog food. Later, the Food and Drug Administration suggested the company recall some of its canned food items.

That incident triggered a lot of questions in the minds of pet owners. After consuming those products, combo dogs were exhibiting symptoms like:

  • loss of appetite vomiting
  • increased urination
  • weight loss
  • vomiting
  • excessive drooling
  • increased thrust.

The company has already recalled the products which were known to trigger these side effects. Still, healthcare experts believe that different hill prescription diet dog food items can have different side effects.

You should consult about all the side effects your dog may develop after consuming the food with your veterinarian.

How Much Hill’s Prescription Diet Dog Food Should I Feed?

There are no fixed feeding instructions. Every dog food item is different, and they have different daily feeding instructions. Veterinarians usually mention those numbers on the prescription, but you can also take a look at the back of the product.

For example, hills prescription diet skin and food sensitivity products have a maximum of 15 ounces of daily feeding, If the dog weighs around 120 pounds. Pet owners should never feed more than the recommended dose as it can also trigger several other side effects.

Pet owners should make sure they are reading the label and pack instructions very carefully before feeding any food item to their dog.

Is Hill’s prescription diet dog food good for pets?

Yes, Hill’s prescription diet dog food is good for pets as the company has been in the same business for more than one decade, and they have the best reputation as compared to any other company. There were some bumps when the Food and Drug Administration forced the company to recall some products, but they are still one of the most trusted brands.