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Hepatitis A symptoms – Along with COVID-19, The United States have also started recording several other rare diseases. First of all, monkeypox hit the country a few days back, which is among the rarest diseases in the United States.

Now, Kentucky has reported six mysterious cases of hepatitis A. As for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States only records 20,000 cases of hepatitis a year, which makes the disease very rare.

At the same time, the World Health Organization has also reported around 650 cases of hepatitis A in 33 countries between May 5th and May 26th. After these cases, the World Health Organization has rated the global risk as moderate.

The rising fear of hepatitis A has been affecting the lives of general Americans for the last few days. That is why today, we are here to discuss all the hepatitis A symptoms. If you are experiencing the below-given symptoms, then you should consult with your doctor.

Abdominal pain

Usually, people do not develop any symptoms related to hepatitis A until they have already been infected for a few weeks. 

Once they start to feel something, the first symptom they are ever going to experience is abdominal pain. Hepatitis A is known to cause abdominal pain and discomfort, especially on the upper right side of the abdomen.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, you might experience abdominal pain for at least two months in a row. 


The second thing you are ever going to experience with hepatitis A is fatigue. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention have also mentioned fatigue as one of the common symptoms of hepatitis A. 

Fatigue could be the first symptom, and you might be able to experience it way before you ever develop abdominal pain. As we all experience fatigue after the day, and that is why it can be easily ignored by the person affected with hepatitis A. 

Nausea and vomiting

Once you start experiencing the symptoms of hepatitis a, you might experience a sudden surge of nausea and vomiting. Both things are very common for people who are already suffering from hepatitis a. Health experts believe nausea and vomiting usually happen once you start having other symptoms. 

Your regular medicine for nausea and vomiting might not work if you have the feeling due to hepatitis a. It is going to be a wise decision to discuss these symptoms with your doctor before you take any other medication.

Hepatitis A Symptoms
Hepatitis A Symptoms

Loss of appetite

Along with nausea and vomiting, you might also lose your appetite once you start developing symptoms of hepatitis A. You might also lose your appetite because of your abdominal pain. Health experts suggest everyone suffering from hepatitis A eat a regular time. 

Even if you do not feel like eating, you should eat something healthy. Not eating regularly and enough might result in an unwanted weight loss. 

Different Bowel Movement

A lot of people suffering from hepatitis A have also reported having irregular bowel movements. Usually, people start experiencing different bowel movements once they have started developing other symptoms for weeks.

There is a probability that you might experience clay-colored bowel movements while you are suffering from hepatitis a. At the same time, some people have also reported having dark urine. You should consult every symptom with your doctor as these symptoms are also related to jaundice.

Apart from all that, if you are only experiencing one or two symptoms, it doesn’t mean that you have hepatitis A. It is a very rare disease, and not everyone can develop it.


Apart from the above-given symptoms, there is also a probability that you might experience fever once you get infected with hepatitis A. Even though the intensity of fever is going to be on the lower side, it can stay for a longer period.

Health experts do not take any over-the-counter medicine while they are suffering from fever during hepatitis A infection. Always consult with your doctor before you take any medicine to lower the intensity of the fever.

Intense itching

One symptom which is going to differentiates hepatitis from other diseases is intense itching. Once you start developing the other symptoms, there is a probability that you might also develop intense itching during your infection of hepatitis.

Even the Centers for Disease Control and prevention have also mentioned intense reaching as one of the most common symptoms of hepatitis A, But there is very less probability that you will develop intense itching as there is only a 5% probability for the same.

When to see a doctor for hepatitis A symptoms?

 Health experts suggest that everyone make an appointment with their doctor if they are experiencing two or more symptoms at the same time.

There is a possibility that you might develop intense itching due to some other disease, but jaundice-like symptoms and intense itching together could be the classical sign of hepatitis a.

Apart from that, it is also important for you to get the hepatitis A vaccine within two weeks of your exposure to hepatitis a. The vaccine is known to protect people from developing any kind of symptoms related to hepatitis A. 

 At the same time, if you have traveled out of the country recently, especially in countries like Mexico, Panama, Columbia, or countries with poor sanitization, you should ask your doctor or local health department for a vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention also suggest everyone get a vaccine if a restaurant where you have recently eaten reports a hepatitis A outbreak.

Lastly, if you have close contact with someone suffering from hepatitis A, then you should also get yourself vaccinated.


How do I know I have hepatitis A symptoms?

We have written the most popular symptoms of hepatitis A in the upper given article. You can read all of these symptoms and contact your doctor if you are also suffering from two or more symptoms at the same time. You need to report these symptoms back to your doctor.