Why People Are Calling Weight Loss Scam? Weight Loss Scam – Before you make an online purchase, you need to open your eyes, ears, and mind at the same time to make a wise decision. In the offline market, you might get scammed because you do not understand the neighborhood, but in the digital world, you can always check the reviews of previous buyers of that specific good or service.

A lot of people scam vulnerable people who are struggling with something which is not in their hands. For example, a lot of companies and people are selling their special diets and supplements to help people lose extra body weight.

Yes, there are some legit fitness experts and supplement companies available in the digital world to help you lose your extra body weight, but most companies are scams. Today we are going to take a look at Weight Loss Scam. 

What Is a Golo Diet Scam?

Golo has recently started gaining popularity on several social media platforms, and news websites have also started Reporting regarding the same.

The company claimed to be one of the best diet systems to lose extra body fat and get out of obesity. Before they provide you with their diet plan, they ask you to purchase their supplements from their official website. One month’s supply of their supplements is going to cost you around $50.

The company provides a supplement named release, which you have to consume once you have taken your meal. Companies claim that you can lose weight with the combination of their supplements, diet, and a good workout schedule.

On their official website, they claim that they are among the best platforms to lose your extra body weight, but under review, platforms do not tell a similar story.

Who is calling Golo a scam?

Now, you might ask, who is calling it a scam? The answer is very simple. People who have already taken the supplement from the company and followed their diet and did not see any results or called it a scam.

Weight loss can be very hard, and every person is made different. Health experts have not found any other natural way apart from going into a calorie deficit. 

Apart from that, it is an instinct that people will start calling something a scam if they are not getting the desired results or results claimed by the company for other clients.

A similar thing is also happening with the Golo diet. There might be some people who are getting good results from a similar diet and supplement combination, and some people might not be getting the desired results.

As a result, those people are calling it a scam, and we cannot say they are wrong as we have to check it by ourselves. Weight Loss Scam Weight Loss Scam

Why are people calling it the Golo Weight Loss Scam?

Now you might ask why these people are calling it a fake weight loss program. When it is an official website, a lot of people claim it to be the best weight loss program in the world, but other Review platforms are not telling a similar story.

For example, Trustpilot, which is one of the best and most popular review websites, has just a 3.8-star rating. You might argue that rating is a very good rating for any health and fitness company, but you have to think about the fake reviews and paid reviews posted by the company.

Yes, a lot of companies do post fake reviews or paid reviews to increase the overall rating of their product and suppress all the one-star or zero-star reviews by the original consumers.

If you take a look at the Trustpilot reviews, you will find a similar pattern in people who are giving five-star reviews. For example, fake five-star reviews Will capitalize the words they want you to focus on.

In freak reviews, people will post magical results. For example, one person even mentioned that she had lost around 21 pounds in just four weeks. That is a very big number as compared to results provided by legit fitness experts.

Health experts and fitness experts around the world will suggest you not lose more than two pounds a week because a crash diet is never going to be sustainable, and you will start gaining more weight once you have stopped your crash diet.

How do you lose weight in the right way?

Before we wrap this session, let’s take a look at how you can easily lose weight in the right way. At first, the whole procedure might look very difficult to you, but if you start doing it, then no one in the world can stop you from getting slim.

Count calories

If you do not know how to get calories, then you should check it on the Internet. Trust me. Counting calories is the game of losing or gaining weight. To lose weight, you have to stay in a calorie deficit and to gain weight, you have to go For calorie surplus. 

Start exercising

The next best thing you can do is start exercising. Usually, people do not exercise regularly, but they rely on several fat burners and weight loss supplements. These weight loss and fat burner supplements are not going to work until you start combining them with your diet and exercise routine.

Eat Healthy

Once Healthily figured out your exercise routine and daily calorie intake, then you can start focusing on the quality of your data. At first, you can focus on just being in a calorie deficit, but you have to focus on the quality of your food items also. For example, a 200 calories burger is never going to compete with 200 calories in green vegetables.

Which is the best weight loss supplement?

It is a very dynamic question, and no one can answer it in a straight line. For example, people who do not know anything about dieting and exercising might benefit from a Golo supplement. On the other hand, experts in health and fitness might vote whey protein as one of the best weight loss supplements.