Georgia Bulldogs Football Schedule for Upcoming Games – 2022

Georgia Bulldogs Football Schedule – Several football leagues around the nation are about to be concluded, and we are going to see the Champions in the upcoming weeks. Just like any other season, a handful of teams are doing exceptionally well while others are struggling to keep their spirits up.

One of the most successful teams of the season of 2022, the Georgia Bulldogs football team has won all ten games they played this season. Yes, no other team in their league has won this many games. The next best team in both groups is their biggest rival, Tennessee, who has won nine games out of 10 they played this season.

Teams like the Georgia Bulldogs have been attracting new fans each day. If you are also one of their new fans and you are looking for Georgia Bulldogs football schedule, then you are at the right place, as we will talk about everything regarding them.

The way Georgia bulls have been destroying any other team in the league, we believe they are going to be the next big hit. Till now, the team has been playing like champions, and we believe they are also going to continue the journey in the upcoming game.

Georgia Bulldogs Upcoming Football Schedule

The league is about to finish, so the Georgia Bulldogs are not going to play more than three to four games. The SEC championship game is scheduled to be played on December 3rd at 4:00 PM. 

By taking a look at the scorecard, we highly believe that Georgia is going to fight against The next-best team, And win the championship. No other team has been playing like the Georgia Bulldogs, and they are ready to be the winner of the season.

  • Georgia Bulldogs versus Kentucky Wildcats on Sunday, November 20th.
  • Georgia Bulldogs versus Georgia Tech on Saturday, November 26th.
  • Georgia Bulldogs versus LSU Tigers on Sunday, December 4th.

These three games are fixed as per the group schedule. At the same time, the Georgia Bulldogs are also going to play the SEC championship final on December 3rd. Experts believe that the Georgia Bulldogs can win the conference this season.

Georgia Bulldogs Football Schedule
Georgia Bulldogs Football Schedule

As there are some league-stage games left, it would be foolish to make any comments on the upcoming future. The Georgia Bulldogs football team has been playing amazingly, and We don’t have any doubt about their capabilities.

Old Georgia Bulldogs Football Games

Before we take a look at the prediction of Georgia Bulldogs versus Kentucky Wildcats, who are going to fight each other on November 20th, let’s take a quick look at all the games Georgia Bulldogs have played This season.

The 2022 season is probably the most successful season for the Georgia Bulldogs football team. The team has a winning streak of 10 games, and they have only played ten games this season. We don’t doubt their capabilities, and we believe the team is going to win all games.

  • The Georgia Bulldogs won against Oregon 49-3 on Sunday, September 4th.
  • The Georgia Bulldogs won against Samford the 33-0 on Sunday, September 11th
  • The Georgia Bulldogs won against South Carolina the 48-7 on Sunday, September 17th
  • The Georgia Bulldogs won against Kent State the 39-22 on Sunday, September 24th
  • The Georgia Bulldogs won against Missouri the 26-22 on Sunday, October 2nd
  • The Georgia Bulldogs won against Auburn the 42-10 on Sunday, October 9th
  • The Georgia Bulldogs won against Vanderbilt the 55-0 on Sunday, October 16th
  • The Georgia Bulldogs won against Florida the 42-20 on Sunday, October 30th
  • The Georgia Bulldogs won against Tennessee the 27-13 on Sunday, November 6th
  • The Georgia Bulldogs won against Mississippi State the 45-19 on Sunday, November 13th

The way Georgia Bulldogs have been thrashing every other team, there is no doubt they are going to win the SEC championship this season. They have a team of players, including Bennett, Edwards, Bowers, Milton, Robinson, and McIntosh.

The whole team has been playing like a champion, and they are going to be announced the champion on December 3rd. Do not forget to catch it live at 4:00 PM on CBS.

Georgia Bulldogs Versus Kentucky Prediction

East group table toppers Georgia are going to face Kentucky standing on the 4th on November 20th. Till now, Georgia has been thrashing every other team in the group, and they have won ten games now.

On the other hand, Kentucky has somehow managed to win six games out of 10 they played in the last few weeks. The team also lost its last game, and they will try to come back with a strong performance. 

Experts believe that Georgia Bulldogs is going to win this game one-sided as Kentucky does not have the players who can play against the Bulldogs. Yes, Kentucky was among the best teams last season, but they have been struggling this season, and it gave the perfect opportunity to other teams.

Experts believe that Georgia has an overwhelming 93% chance of defeating Kentucky in the upcoming game. At the same time, experts have also predicted that Kentucky can win the game by 37-13, And they will also cover the spread. 

The game will start at 3:30 PM, and you can catch the live action on the CBS network. Fubo TV is going to stream it on their platform, and you are also welcome to join them anytime you want.

Bulldogs versus Kentucky is going to be a one-sided game, but we highly recommend Bulldogs not take them lightly, as it can break their streak of 10 games. 

Are there any changes in the Georgia Bulldogs football team schedule?

No, there are no new changes in the Georgia Bulldogs football team schedule. There were some rumors of changes on social media and other platforms, but all of them were rumors, as the team had not made any official announcement. All games are set to be played on their preset schedule.