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Duloxetine Side Effects – Depression is among the few mental disorders which are becoming highly popular among youngsters. A few decades ago, most health experts believed depression was going to hit a person in their mid-life. 

But, that belief has been proven wrong as the rise of digitalization and technology has started affecting youngsters, and it is resulting in depression and other mental disorders. 

Several therapies can help you feel better if you are also struggling with depression. Your doctor might suggest you take some medication along with consultation therapies to lower the symptoms of depression. 

What is the use of Duloxetine?

Duloxetine Is used to treat major depressive disorder in adults, and doctors might also suggest it to treat general anxiety disorder in adults and children above the age of 7.

It belongs to a class named selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor antidepressants. Duloxetine is a prescription drug, so you cannot buy it as an over-the-counter medicine. 

In some conditions, doctors may also use Duloxetine To treat nerve pain caused by diabetes in adults. Apart from that, your doctor might also suggest you take medicine if you are suffering from chronic muscle or joint pain. 

# Common Side Effects of Duloxetine

Let’s start with the common side effects of Duloxetine, and later we will also discuss severe side effects and warnings related to the medicine. 

Health experts suggest everyone not take any other medication along with Duloxetine even if they are experiencing some common side effects. 

Mixing Duloxetine with any medicine might cause life-threatening conditions, and it is always a wise decision to consult with your doctor first.

Constipation and Loss of Appetite

When you first start to take Duloxetine, you might experience constipation and loss of appetite. Both of the symptoms are related to each other. Usually, people experience Constipation first, and as a result of Constipation, they start feeling a loss of appetite. 

Generally, doctors suggest everyone not mix any medication along with Duloxetine in case you have any side effects. It is always a wise decision to consult with your doctor regarding these common side effects.

Dry Mouth and Increased Sweating

Apart from Constipation and loss of appetite, you might also experience dry mouth and increased sweating. People first experienced increased writing, and dry mouth is just a result of increased sweating. 

Health experts suggest everyone stay hydrated and keep sipping water at regular intervals. You can also sit under a fan to lower the increased sweating. 

Sleep Problems

Apart from the above-given common side effects, you might also experience sleep problems once you start taking medicine. There is a possibility that you might not be able to sleep as well as you used to, and you might also feel drowsiness the whole day. Kindly do not take any sleeping pills along with Duloxetine. Mixing any other drug along with Duloxetine can cause life-threatening conditions.

# Severe Side Effects of Duloxetine

Opposite to the common side effects of Duloxetine, you should never ignore the severe side effects of taking medicine. 

If you are experiencing any of the below-given side effects, then you should either consult with your doctor right away or call 911. These side effects are also known to cause life-threatening conditions. 

Duloxetine Side Effects
Duloxetine Side Effects

Increased Heart Rate

Duloxetine is also known to cause severe side effects, and increased heart rate is among the most popular ones. In case you experience pounding heart breaks or fluttering in your chest, then you should consult with your doctor right away or call 911. 

It can also result in a heart attack if you are already struggling with cardiovascular disease. Due to high blood pressure, you might also experience Lightheadedness, and there is a probability that you might also pass out for some time.

Easy Bruising and Bleeding

Once you start taking Duloxetine, there is a probability that you might become more vulnerable to bruising and bleeding. Some people have complained about being more vulnerable to bruising once they start taking Duloxetine.  

You should be very careful and if you are also experiencing similar symptoms, then kindly consult with your doctor. There is a possibility that you might have to stop taking medicine.

Liver Problem

Duloxetine is also known to cause liver problems if you are already struggling with some sort of newer disease. Some studies have successfully concluded that Duloxetine can become one of the biggest causes of liver problems if you are already struggling with any liver disease. 

In case you start experiencing pain in your right-sided upper stomach, dark urine, itching, and yellowing skin, then you should consult with your doctor right away as you might be experiencing liver problems.

Low Blood Sodium

Lastly, there is a probability that Duloxetine might decrease the sodium level in your blood once you start taking the medicine. If you want to experience regular headaches, confusion, memory problems, physical weakness, and feeling unsteady, it means you have low blood sodium. 

Kindly keep an eye on every change in your body, whether it’s physically or mentally. In case you are not feeling well after taking medicine, then you call 911 and ask for immediate medical assistance.

Warnings Related to Duloxetine

Before we wrap our session, let’s take a look at warnings related to Duloxetine.

If you are taking MAO inhibitors, Then you should not take Duloxetine. You should maintain a good gap of five days before and 14 days after you have used the MAO inhibitor. Health experts believe that both medicines can interact with each other and cause life-threatening conditions. 

Duloxetine is not an allergy-free medicine. If you are allergic to any ingredient used in the magazine, then you should be very careful while consuming it. 


Can I drink alcoholic beverages along with Duloxetine?

Most health experts will suggest you not drink any alcoholic beverage along with Duloxetine. Alcohol and medicine are both known to impact your liver, and mixing them might increase your chances of getting the severe side effects of Duloxetine. You should be very careful while consuming Duloxetine with alcohol.