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Printable Food Chart for Diabetics – Diabetes is a chronic condition, and more and more Americans are getting diagnosed every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a data point mentioning that the United States records around 200,000 new cases of Type 2 diabetes each year.

Apart from type 2 diabetes, prediabetes patients are also increasing in the United States at a rapid base. We record millions of new cases of pre-diabetes, and most of those people are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic condition, and your healthcare experts can help you manage your blood sugar levels with the help of several techniques. Usually, healthcare experts recommend a combination of things along with medication to manage blood sugar levels. 

Diet plays a vital role in managing prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. We have explained everything about the diet for pre-diabetic and diabetic people. You can also get some printable food charts for diabetics. These charts can help you create your diet and manage it for future reference.

Create Your Own Printable Diabetic Meal Plan

Diet is highly dynamic and follows a huge number of combinations and permutations. Every person in this world can have a different diet as everyone is different.

There is a concept called metabolism. There are 2 types of metabolisms, high and low. You might have seen skinny people who won’t even get one gram of fat even after consuming a lot of food regularly.

At the same time, you might have seen people who will get fat as soon as they stop doing regular exercise.

People who do not get fat even after consuming food have a high metabolism, and people who get fat easily have a slow metabolism.

As a result, people with a high metabolism can eat more food, while people with a slow metabolism will have to focus on a healthy diet to consume enough food to fill their stomachs.

Printable Custom Diabetic Meal Plan

Before we discuss anything else, take a look at the below given printable custom diabetic meal plan. The below-given image is completely free to use, and it has 7 sections, similar to 7 days of the week.

You can use the below-given information to create your diabetic meal plan and write those meals according to the day on the above-given chart. 

Printable Food Chart for Diabetics
Printable Food Chart for Diabetics

The above-given meal plan chart will help you write down all the food items you are going to consume throughout the whole week. It can also help you remove all unhealthy food items from your weekly diet.

Find Your Maintenance Calories

Finding your maintenance calories is one of the biggest parts of creating your own printable diabetic meal plan.

Every person has different maintenance calories, and it is also dynamic. These maintenance calories are never going to be the same. For example, you are working very hard in a factory or labor. 

That time, your maintenance calories will be much higher as compared to when you have a sedentary life.

You can also use the magic of calories to get rid of extra body fat that you have been carrying. You are going on a diet, and why don’t you take the full benefit and try to get a calorie-deficit diet which will help you get rid of the Extra body fat?

If you do know you want to do that, You can simply rate yourself every week to see if you are gaining or losing body weight.

If you start losing body weight after following a diet, then you can eat a little more to balance it out, and you won’t lose the body weight.

Similarly, if you start gaining body weight, you can eat a little less next week and won’t gain body fat.

Focus on Meal Portions

Even if you have learned about the healthy food items that you can consume during the diabetic diet, you must focus on meal portions as well. 

Printable Food Chart for Diabetics
Printable Food Chart for Diabetics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, along with the American diabetic society, also suggest Americans struggling with diabetes to focus on meal portions.

As you can see in the given image, your plate should contain 50% of non-starchy vegetables, 25% of protein food items, and 25% of carbs.

Free of Cost Printable Diabetic Diet Plan

Before we move ahead to anything else, let’s take a quick look at the presented free-of-cost printable diabetic diet plan.

As you are already aware, everyone in this world is different, and their dietary requirements are also different. 

Apart from that, everyone likes different types of food items, and no one can force anyone to consume pre-set food items.

Printable Food Chart for Diabetics
Printable Food Chart for Diabetics

That is why we highly recommend everyone focus on the given printable diabetic diet food list.

A food list will help you figure out all the food items you can consume regularly without any worries. Later, you can also use a similar diabetic diet food list to create your printable food chart for diabetes.

Other above given diabetic diet food lists have every single item you can consume during your diabetic diet plan. You should keep in mind that there could be some other food items that we have not mentioned, and that is why there is a space as well.

What Types of Food Items are Not Allowed in a Diabetic Diet?

There is a long list of food items that you should not be consuming during the diabetic diet. Several food items might look healthy and a good option, but they are going to contain a considerable amount of sugar.

Apart from that, healthcare experts also do not recommend anyone consume food items that are ranked lower in the glycemic index. Food items that do not contain cyber or easily get digested in the body are not healthy for people who are struggling with diabetes.

Make sure you are not consuming any of the below-given food items.

  • All process Grains
  • French fries
  • Fried white flour tortillas
  • White bread
  • White flour
  • White rice
  • Canned vegetables
  • Sweetened applesauce
  • Fruit drinks 
  • fruit juice drinks
  • Fruit punch
  • Regular jam or jelly
  • Processed meat
  • Deep fried fish 
  • deep fried tofu
  • Poultry with skin 
  • whole milk
  • Regular yogurt
  • Regular ice cream

Healthcare experts also do not recommend anyone consume regular soda, juices, energy drinks, or sports drinks. These types of glasses are also high in sugar and other ingredients, which are not good for people with diabetes.

7-Day Printable Diabetic Meal Plan Sample

Before we wrap up our session, let’s take a quick look at a 7-day sample of printable diabetic meal plans.

As we have already discussed multiple times, it is always going to be a wise decision if you are creating your diet plan after consulting it with a dietitian or on your own.

Every person is different, and their daily calorie requirements might also be different. Our sample meal plan is going to focus on less than 150 grams of carbs a day which is not more than 600 calories only from carbohydrates.

The below given 7-day printable diabetic sample meal plan also contains protein, carbohydrates, and some fat sources. You can always increase or decrease the amount of food, as we have only focused on consuming healthy food items.

Printable Food Chart for Diabetics
Printable Food Chart for Diabetics

Breakfast Items

Our sample menu contains several food items for breakfast as it has scrambled eggs, oatmeal, whole grain cereal, and French toast. Apart from that, it also has tasty things like English muffins, skim milk, sugar-free Maple syrup, And juices.

Lunch Items

Similar to breakfast, lunch items also contain a variety of food items which may also include a Turkey sandwich, bean soup, vegetable soup, cottage cheese, large green salad, and grilled chicken breast.

Along with healthy food items, the sample menu also focuses on consuming a variety of food items that are also tasty.


Lastly, there are several food items at dinner as well. One day you will be eating grilled salmon along with the baked potato, while the other day, you might be consuming so pretty or chicken with a bean burrito.


As you can see in the chart, we have not added any snacks whatsoever. When it comes to snacks, you should make sure you are only consuming the food items from the above-given list of food items. Next train, you can consume low-fat Greek yogurt carrot sticks with nut butter, or you can also go with an apple for a snack.

Where to download printable food charts for diabetics?

We have attached some printable food charts for diabetics in the above-given section. You can use all the charts and use them effectively to consume healthy food items only.