How to Get CVS Minute Clinic Appointment? | Step-to-Step Process 2023|

CVS Minute Clinic Appointment – CVS is One of the largest pharmaceutical chains in the United States. They are represented in more than 9,000 locations in 45 states and the United States. CVS has been operating in the United States for over 60 years.

Even during the difficult times when the new coronavirus hit the United States, CVS stood by the nation and provided any COVID-19 service for free with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CVS Health has several subsidiaries operating in the same area but with different goals. For example, the CVS Minute Clinic is also a subsidiary of CVS Health, but it serves a different purpose and is used by Americans for various purposes. Today we will talk about everything related to the CVS minute clinic, and we will also find out how to quickly arrange a serious minute clinic.

What is CVS Minute Clinic?

CVS Health launched CVS Minute Clinic as early as March 2000. CVS Minority Clinic is one of the few clinics or retail clinics in the United States. The startup was originally started by someone else, but in 2006 CVS bought it and turned CVS into a one-minute clinic.

CVS Minute Clinic Appointment
CVS Minute Clinic Appointment

They have offices in more than 33 states in the United States and have 1,100 branches in those 33 states. You can take advantage of CVS minute clinics, which run from Arizona to Washington DC.

Appointment to the CVS minute clinic Appointment to the CVS minute clinic

Services are provided by CVS Minute Clinic

Before we go any further and talk about the main question on the blog, let’s first discuss the services offered by the CVS minute clinic. CVS Minute Clinic is not a complete service like CVS Health. Therefore, the services are very limited and will only be available at 1,100 locations in the country.

The CVS Minute Clinic is qualified to provide services for minor injuries such as insect bites and stings, minor burns, and minor injuries. Remove chips, springs, and joints.
In small diseases, these are allergies, symptoms such as the flu, gout, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sinus infections, zika, and road infections. In addition, you can also be tested for asthma, cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.
At the same time, many treatments for skin diseases are available at CVS-minute clinics, which include athletic foot, lice, shingles, and sunburn.
If you want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, contraceptive injections, hepatitis A and B, pneumonia, and shingles, a one-minute CVS clinic may be the best choice for you.
CVS Minute Clinic does a great job when it comes to services for women. You can treat gonorrhea, pregnancy assessments, herpes, vaginal removal, urinary tract infections, common infections, and more.

Apart from the above-given services, there are a huge number of services that we have not mentioned yet. You can get TB testing, weight loss programs, ear wax removal, pre-travel consultation, malaria, more sensitive prevention, etc.

CVS Minute Clinic Appointment Process

If you are suffering from any physical condition whose treatment is available at the CVS minute clinic, you should get yourself an appointment for the same.

Kindly follow the below given step-by-step tutorial to make CVS minute clinic appointments. It is a very simple process, but you should read all the points very carefully.

  • You must first click on the button above to get to the official CVS minute Clinic website.
  • The button also redirects you to the meeting page, where you will need to enter your zip code, the pink city, or the state name to see the locations.
  • Once you enter the city, you will be redirected to the next page where you can select the nearest CVS minute clinic.
  • Clicking on the nearest CVS clinic will ask you a great question, starting with the condition and symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Then CVS will show you all the services offered at a specific clinic location within a few minutes. You can choose any service you prefer.
  • You will now be asked to enter your date of birth and date and time.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to enter all patient details. From full name to all contact information.

Once you’ve entered all the information, you’ll be asked to double-check it before we make an appointment with you. He will show you everything related to your appointment, from the purpose of the visit to the location of the clinic.

In addition, you can use the same one-minute CVS appointment process to obtain an appointment for each vaccine or coronavirus test. You do not have to use a separate appointment process to do this.

Other features of CVS Minute Clinic

As you already know, the CVS Minute Clinic is one of the few entry and retail clinics in the United States. However, it also provides some unique features so Americans can take advantage of the services offered at CVS one-minute clinics from anywhere in the country.

E-Clinic and Video Visit

CVS Minute Clinic recently launched Clinic E, which is active in more than 33 United States states. CVS recommends everyone use the clinic if they want to stay in their house during a pandemic and are being treated for many diseases.

At the same time, CVS Minute Clinic also launched a video visit to 49 United States states. It will cost you at least $ 59 and the CVS Minute Clinic will provide you with a healthcare professional with video conferencing.

CVS Minute Clinic Locator

If you do not want to use the online meeting system and want to directly visit the CVS minute clinic, you can use their CVS minute locator to find the nearest location. Not all reputable health care providers and pharmacies have the opportunity to provide CVS clinics minutes. In the United States, CVS Health and Pharmacy is available in more than 9,000 locations, but CVS minute clinics are only available in 1,100 locations.

It is always a wise decision to check with a serious minute clinic locator to make sure you are visiting the right CVS Health and pharmacy.

To find a CVS minute clinic, you must use the button above, which will take you directly to the official CVS minute clinic website.
You will now be asked to enter a postcode, city, or state on the official website. Entering any of these items will display all CVS minute locations. You can choose depending on the required services because not all CVS minute clinics have the same service.
You will also see the minute time of the clinic. Usually, the time is between 8:30 and 19:30.


CVS minute clinic is one of the few retail clinics that has been active in the United States for some time. It is currently available in more than 1,100 locations across the country. However, you should keep in mind that CVS Health and Pharmacy operates in more than 9,000 locations in the United States, which means that not all CVS Health branches and pharmacies have CVS clinic capabilities.

At the same time, the services of the CVS minute clinic are limited. Seriously, she launched her small clinic to reduce the pressure on CVS pharmacy and health by separating small diseases and screening.

Although no clinic also offers outpatient admissions, it is always an advantage for you to make an appointment at the CVS clinic a few minutes before the visit. This will ensure that you find a professional in the allotted time.

We have already recorded the process of appointing a CVS clinic. It is a simple process and you can use it for any service that the clinic offers. Along with minor illnesses, it also provides coronavirus services such as testing, vaccinations, and more.

What are the main services offered by CVS minute clinic?

Currently, the CVS Minute Clinic offers services for minor illnesses and surveillance. You can treat insect stings, sprains, exertion, joint pain, screening for diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, acne, chickenpox, shingles, flu shots, vitamin B12 injection, contraception, urinary tract infections, etc. CVS does it all to add additional services to its CVS minute clinic. You should check out their official website to see the latest updates.

Do I have to book a CVS clinic a few minutes before the visit?

No, there is no need to arrange a one-minute CVS clinic for each visit. An appointment process is available, but you can also opt for a walk. The CVS Clinic accepts visitors, but you can wait a few hours before taking care of yourself. Therefore, we recommend that everyone use the additional step-by-step instructions provided at CVS clinic’s one-minute meetings.