Covid Test Kit Order Online – Eligibility for Free Covid19 Test Kits

Covid Test Kit Order – Only one topic in the whole world has taken over every conversation and debate, and that is the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. It all started in November 2019 when a virus broke out in Wuhan, a Chinese province.

For the first two months, nobody took it seriously, and everyone thought that it was just propaganda from China to create fear around the world. But, starting from late December 2019, it’s spread in the whole world, and till today, we are under the effect or fear of novel coronavirus.

In the European continent, first of all, Italy saw the effects of the novel coronavirus when people were dying on the streets without any treatment. Soon a similar situation was in the United Kingdom. 

Our government tried to do everything to contain the virus and ensure the safety of the citizens. There were restrictions, lockdowns, guidelines, free testing, free vaccination, awareness, etc. our government tried everything, but still, today, the situation is not good.

No More Free COVID Test

In late February 2022, the Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson, announced that they are going to end isolation rules and free COVID testing in the country from the first of April 2022.

The government has unveiled the living with COVID plan in England, and as per the plan, they are not going to provide any free tests or mandatory isolation.

From now on, nobody in England is legally bound to self-isolate following a positive coronavirus test. Now it is going to be guidance rather than a legal rule.  

Apart from all that, the government is not going to send free COVID test kits to every citizen of the country. The government has limited the program to a few categories, including first-line workers and hospitalized patients.

The government wants everyone to live with cover, not infected but without the fear of getting infected. Experts believe the government is doing everything to cut expenses and try to cope with inflation.

As part of the plan, the government is not completely shutting the testing program, but they are going to exclude the general public. Still, there are a few categories that are eligible to get free COVID test kits.

Covid Test Kit Order
Covid Test Kit Order

Eligibility for COVID Test Kit Order

Notification there are a few categories that are still eligible for COVID test kits ordered at their home. These COVID test kits are going to be completely free for those categories. Let’s take a look at who is eligible.

  • First of all, every staff member who cares for patients is eligible to order free COVID test kits.
  • Every hospitalized patient needs a PCR test before any treatment, such as surgery. 
  • Every home care residence is eligible to order COVID test kits.
  • Every person who is working in high-risk settings, including home care and prisons, is also eligible to get free COVID test kits.
  • Every hospital patient who is discharged to care homes is also able to order free test kits.

Five categories are still eligible to order free COVID test kits, just like before. We can see that the government has excluded every single person from the general public.

How To Covid Test Kit Order Online

Now the big question is how to covid test kit order online? Well, there are two ways you can still order the COVID test online. The first one is free, and the other one is paid.

If you fall under any above-given category, then you can use the below-given step-by-step tutorial to order COVID tests online for free of cost. On the other hand, if you are not eligible and you do not fall under any above-given category, then you have to use the self-paid version.

  • First of all, you have to click on the above-given button to reach the official website of the government UK.
  • The page will also redirect you directly to the order page, where you will have to fill in the information to make an order.
  • As soon as you are not given a button, you will see a page where you have to enter your unique organization number.

 It is an eight-digit number that the national testing program must have sent you by email if you are eligible for the amount.

  • Once you have entered the organization number, it will take you to the next page. It will ask you for personal information, including your name, your gender, age, identification numbers, full address, etc.
  • After the verification, the authorities will send you free COVID test kits at your address.

Buy COVID Test

Now, if you do not fall under any above-given category and you want to order your COVID test kits by paying for them, then you can check out a list issued by the government to do the same.

Currently, high street pharmacies are charging about £2.00 per test. Even though many people are still complaining about it being expensive, the prices of tests have reduced significantly as previously it was available for around £5.

You can click on the button given below to check the list of private test providers issued by the government. Even Scotland and Wales are also going to follow the same policy.

What do experts say about it?

Soon after the life with COVID plan was presented by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the whole opposition came together to criticize the government and its policy.

As per several opposition leaders, If the cases of novel coronavirus are going down, this doesn’t mean that we can declare victory over the virus because it can come anytime, and it is not going away.

Experts are also warning regarding the evolution of viruses, and I was put in them to affect the United Kingdom for two more years. Currently, there is no guarantee when it will end and how many variants are going to come shortly.

England should be prepared to fight any new variant of a novel coronavirus, and their life with the COVID plan is not going to be very helpful. Wrapping up the free testing and isolation rules is going to make the situation worse if any new variant starts breaking into the general public.


One thing is your COVID is not going anywhere shortly. But, the government is doing the exact opposite in the United Kingdom. As per the life with COVID plan presented by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the COVID test kit order is going to be shut down.

From the First of April 2022, The government is not going to give away free COVID test kits to the general public of England. Free COVID test kits are going to be eligible for several categories, including first-line workers, under-treatment patients, etc.

Apart from the eligibility category, everyone has to order their COVID test kits by paying. The government has also issued a list of private test providers, and you might have to pay High Street pharmacies at least £2.00 for each test.

The opposition, including several medical experts, did not like the life with COVID plan proposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. As per several opposition leaders and medical experts, COVID-19 is not going anywhere, and we might see a few more outbreaks as the virus evolves and comes back with new variants.

What is the latest policy on COVID test kit orders in the United Kingdom?

The latest policy on COVID test kit order is going to completely change in the United Kingdom starting from the first of April 2022. If you live in England from now on, you are no longer eligible to get free COVID test kits except for a few categories. On the other hand, people from Scotland and Wales are also changing the rules, and the deadline for free cats is at the end of April and June, respectively.

What do I need to order a free COVID test kit?

As for the latest guidelines, there are five categories of people who are eligible to get free COVID test kits. If you fall in one of those five categories, You can follow the step-by-step guide attached Above. You will have to visit the official website of the UK government and enter your organization number and personal information to order free COVID test kits.

What is the COVID plan introduced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson?

As per the latest life with COVID plan introduced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, if you find yourself positive for a novel coronavirus in England, you are no longer legally obligated to self-isolate yourself. Apart from that, masks are no longer legally required in public indoor places. Apart from that, the government has also ended the free-lettered flow COVID tests in England, but there are some exceptions to that.