What are Covid Reinfection Problems? – Symptoms of COVID19 Reinfection

Covid Reinfection Problems – Even though it’s been more than two years since COVID-19 started affecting the whole world, we have come a long way. Still, health experts come up with different theories and different studies on the virus.

As governments around the world have already understood that it is better to avoid COVID rather than look for treatment. That is why governments around the world are insisting their citizens get vaccinated for COVID-19 and test themselves regularly to avoid COVID-19.

Today, we are here to discuss a new theory Related to COVID reinfection problems as you might already be aware that there is a probability that you will get infected with COVID-19 more than once, and a new study related to a similar situation has created a worrying conclusion.

New COVID Reinfection Problems Study

A few days ago, the Veterans Affairs health system conducted a study and found that every time you get infected with COVID-19, you impose more risk of developing severe symptoms of the virus.

Till now, everyone thought that you might develop special immunity against the virus if you get infected. Previous studies related to similar matters have already concluded that there is a probability that you can get infected with a virus, but your community from the first infection can help you from developing severe symptoms of the virus.

The new study conducted by the Veterans Affairs health system has ignited a new debate in the world. It is not a small study as it is based on the health record of more than five and a half million people.

Interesting facts about COVID in reinfection problems

As you’re already aware, the study is not small as it contains health records of more than 5.6 million people who were treated for COVID-19 in the Veterans Affairs health system.

The one interesting fact about the latest COVID reinfection problem study is that there are more than 300% chances that you might develop severe symptoms of COVID-19 and a 200% chance of dying from reinfection of COVID-19.

Apart from that, the study has also clearly Concluded that there is a very high risk of lung and heart problems when you get reinfected with COVID-19. 

You should be very careful if you get infected with COVID-19 for once. The chances of you developing symptoms such as fatigue, digestive issues, kidney disorders, diabetes, and neurological problems get higher than ever before.

Covid Reinfection Problems
Covid Reinfection Problems

What is the Bigger Risk?

Now you might ask why they published the study at this time, as the risk of COVID has already gone. 

No, you are completely wrong here, as several reports, including the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, have already suggested that the United States has been hit with the 6th wave of COVID-19, and you should be very careful while you are in public places.

The cases of COVID-19 are once again rising in Europe and the United States. This time, the COVID-19 has been spread by the sub-variant of omicron named BA5. It is among the most infectious variants of COVID-19, even though it does not impose the risk of death or severe symptoms due to the virus.

The latest sub-variant of omicron named BA5 can escape antibodies generated by vaccines and prior infection. One study based on the effects of the COVID vaccine has already suggested that if you have not received your booster shot of the COVID vaccine, you might get infected with the virus.

Doctors Advise on COVID Reinfection Problems

Soon after the study was published by the authorities, a lot of health experts came into the media and talked about the COVID reinfection problems.

Doctor Al-Aly Is a clinical epidemiologist at Washington University in St Louis. We have recently concluded a study on a similar topic, and he decided to do the study after watching the rising number of re-infections in his patients.

Later, he pointed out that The number of patients with reinfection has been rising at a rapid speed, and as compared to the first few variants of COVID-19, the number has gone higher than you can ever calculate it.

In those 5.6 million people, around 246 people were infected four times, and 2200 people were infected three times with the virus. People infected three or four times have higher chances of developing rare symptoms of COVID-19, including shortness of breath, low blood oxygen, and lung diseases.

He further mentioned that now is the best time to come out of the phenomena of a person developing an immune system or antibodies after getting infected once.

Symptoms of COVID Reinfection

Before we wrap our session, let’s take a look at some of the most important symptoms of COVID reinfection. Even though the common symptoms of COVID-19 are going to be saved no matter how many times you get the infection, there are higher chances of you getting severe symptoms of COVID-19 if you get infected more than once.

If we take the reference of the study conducted by Veterans Affairs, then we can conclude that symptoms like shortness of breath, lung diseases, low blood oxygen, and accumulation of fluid in the lungs are one of the most common symptoms.

The study concluded that the risk of new health problems, including heart disease, was at its highest when it comes to reinfection. The risk of you getting severe symptoms is always going to be there even if you get vaccinated.

What can I do to save myself from COVID reinfection problems?

There are a lot of things you can do to save yourself from COVID reinfection problems. As the study has already concluded that there are more than 200% chances of even dying from COVID reinfection, it becomes very important for you to ensure your safety. The first thing you can do is get vaccinated as early as possible, and if you have not received your booster shots, then it is time for you to get it. Another thing you can do is keep following every COVID protocol and test yourself regularly.