Coronavirus Helpful Information – Top FAQ

Coronavirus Helpful Information

Coronavirus Helpful Information – Our life is never going to be changed even after we successfully recover from coronavirus. We have lost so many people due to the virus, and it has shaken us very hard to take a few measures to fight any upcoming pandemic.

Even after two years, we are still living in fear of getting infected once again with the novel coronavirus. That is why we are here to refresh your memory and talk about coronavirus helpful information. Kindly keep checking the space for any upcoming information, including newly updated guidelines related to coronavirus.

Coronavirus Helpful Information
Coronavirus Helpful Information

Coronavirus Symptoms

Let’s first discuss the coronavirus symptoms before we move ahead to anything else. Till now, scientists have realized that every person develops a different set of coronavirus symptoms, but there are a few similarities which we are going to discuss as coronavirus symptoms.

Usually, these symptoms are very similar in most people suffering from coronavirus. Don’t forget, apart from these very common coronavirus symptoms, there are a few people who are not going to develop even one symptom. Doctors call them asymptomatic.


Fever is one of the most common symptoms in patients who have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. Since the very first day of the spread of the novel coronavirus, infected people have been suffering from fever. 

Throat problems

The second major symptom after the fever is throat problems. Usually, people who have already been infected with coronavirus complain about having a sore throat, cough, and other problems related to the throat.

Difficulty In Breathing

Difficulty in breathing is very common but a very serious symptom of novel coronavirus. Usually, when people start having difficulty in breathing, this means the novel coronavirus has infected the lungs. At this stage, you should be hospitalized and seek medical attention.


As soon as you get infected with novel coronavirus, you will start having more tiredness than ever before. It all happens because your body demands extra Recovery time to fight the novel coronavirus.

loss of smell and taste

Loss of smell is also possible, along with loss of taste in people who have been infected with the novel coronavirus. Even though both of these things are very common when you get a throat infection, with the novel coronavirus, it is going to be much more severe.

Coronavirus Causes

Let’s take a look at all the causes of novel coronavirus. These are very important for you because if you know about the causes, you can prevent them in the future by taking extra precautions. 

Person to person

One of the major causes of novel coronavirus infection is an infected person infecting others. For example, a person infected with the novel coronavirus a few days ago. Now, if person A sneezes, coughs, or even talks around person B, who has not been infected yet, there are high chances that person B will be infected with the numbers.

Sharing things

The second major cause of novel coronavirus after person to person is sharing things. For example, if you share a room with a person who has already been infected with coronavirus, there is a high probability that you will also get infected with it.

Apart from that, if anyone from your family has been infected and you are doing their dishes or Laundry, you could get infected because viruses can live on non-living things also.

Not using sanitization

Apart from the above-given causes, you can get infected with novel coronavirus if you are not aware enough and you are not using sanitization in public. You should be very careful while being in public as anyone who has been infected is using the same door or lift as you, and there is a high probability that you might get infected because of that.

Coronavirus Treatment

Till now, there is no dedicated treatment available for novel coronavirus. Doctors are using different combinations of medicine to lower the symptoms of a novel coronavirus, but doctors are still lagging in a complete set of treatments.

For example, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, along with Food and Drug Administration, has given emergency use approval to bebtelovimab. As per the initial data, the medicine is known to provide relief in symptoms from people who are suffering from mild two moderate symptoms.

Apart from that, a dose of 200MG of Remdesvir has always been a favorite of Doctors to treat patients suffering from severe coronavirus symptoms.

Coronavirus Precautions

As you are already aware, the best treatment for novel coronavirus is prevention. That is why we are going to discuss all the precautions you should take to prevent novel coronavirus and stay safe.

Social distancing

You should maintain 6 feet or more distance whenever you are in public. Scientists have but one in their study that if you are maintaining 6 feet distance, you are 95% less likely to get infected with the novel coronavirus.

Regular testing

You might be using any precaution, but still, there is a high probability that you might get novel coronavirus due to various reasons. That is why you should test yourself regularly for the novel coronavirus and if you find yourself positive, kindly isolate yourself as soon as possible.

Use of mask

Of a long list of coronavirus precautions, using a mask is one of the most important. In the studies, it has been proven that if two people are using masks and maintaining social distance at the same time, there is only a 1% probability that they might get infected due to each other. That is why you should use a mask in public and indoor places.


Always use hand sanitizer whenever you are in public. Thousands of people have reported that they got infected because they were not using precautions in public, such as using hand sanitization. Knowingly or unknowingly touch several things while being in public, and you don’t know which thing can contain the virus.


Centers for Disease Control and prevention in the United States suggest everyone get themselves vaccinated for novel coronavirus as early as possible. Health officials in the United States have also reduced the timeframe between two doses of a novel coronavirus from six weeks to four weeks.

We won’t go into the debate of whether the vaccinations are working or not, but it is the first layer of precaution and protection against the novel coronavirus. And every American should get themself vaccinated.

New Updated Coronavirus Guidelines 

In the fall of March 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance. From now on, people visiting health care facilities are allowed to wear highly protective masks.

Previously many hospitals around the country were asking patients and visitors to wear a surgical mask rather than their own highly protective masks.

 Now you have to wear a mask even in States and cities that do not require it while you are traveling in public transport.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a novel disease that is caused by a virus named coronavirus. Usually, people develop mild symptoms which can be treated at home, but sometimes people get severely ill, and they need to be hospitalized.

How does coronavirus spread?

There are several ways which can cause coronavirus to spread, starting from breathing in air, sharing products, and touching your eyes or nose without washing your hands in public.

How can I protect myself?

There are several ways to protect yourself from Coronavirus, including the use of masks, vaccination, social distancing, etc.

What are the major symptoms of novel coronavirus?

Usually, people develop fever, sore throat, body ache, and loss of smell and taste. Apart from these minor symptoms, people may get serious COVID pneumonia and start having difficulty in breathing.

What to do if you get infected with coronavirus?

First of all, you should isolate yourself if you get infected with the coronavirus. Apart from that you should not travel or go in public for at least 7 to 10 days. Keep your mask on, and try to wash your hands as much as possible.

What is the risk of children getting an infection?

Usually, kids don’t develop severe coronavirus symptoms, but in a few cases, they can develop severe symptoms. Usually, kids don’t develop any symptoms, and doctors call them asymptomatic.

When should I get hospitalized for coronavirus?

You should get yourself hospitalized for the treatment of coronavirus as soon as you start having trouble breathing and severe pain in your chest.

What is the pricing of coronavirus testing?

In the United States of America, you can get yourself tested for novel coronavirus free of cost. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in association with several pharmaceutical changes, is testing Americans without any cost. You can visit a nearby CVS pharmacy or Walgreens store to get yourself tested.

Can I get COVID-19 from my dog?

Yes, you can get COVID-19 from your dog, but the risk of infection from any animal is very low. And you should not be worried about getting an infection from your animal.