Can You Get COVID Twice? – CDC View on Getting Covid19 Twice

Can You Get COVID Twice – Every day, different health experts come up with different theories and studies regarding COVID-19. All of these stories and studies are very important to ensure your safety along with the safety of your friends and family.

Even though the active numbers of cases in the United States are at their lower end from the peak made in January or March 2022, there is still a probability that you can get infected with COVID-19.

The best thing you can do to ensure your safety is to keep following every COVID protocol. It is always going to be the best decision to ensure social distancing, regular COVID testing, use of masks, and vaccination. It is the only thing that is going to save you from getting an infection twice.

Can You Get COVID Twice or More?

Yes, there is a probability that you can get twice or thrice. Previously everyone thought that if you get infected with COVID once you develop antibodies along with immunity against the virus, but recent studies published by veterans affairs have suggested that there is a probability that you can get infected twice.

That study contained more than 3.6 million people who were treated by Veterans Affairs. In that study, it was mentioned that there is a spike in reinfection of COVID, and it is very dangerous. 

Previous beliefs regarding COVID-19 and reinfection have been shattered by the study, and the study further mentioned that there is a probability that you will get some clear symptoms of COVID-19 if you get infected more than once.

What are the Dangers of Getting COVID twice or More?

If you read the study published by Veterans Affairs, you will find that they have mentioned that there are some dangers of getting COVID twice or more.

One of the biggest dangers is that your chances of developing severe symptoms increase by 200 to 300 times every time you get infected with the virus.

Apart from developing severe symptoms of COVID-19, there is also a high probability that your chances of dying from COVID-19 also rapidly showed up.

Similar studies have also clearly mentioned that there is a probability of you developing severe symptoms, including shortness of breath, long business, low blood oxygen, and accumulation of fluid in the lungs.

You should be very careful if you get a COVID-19 infection twice as there are more chances of developing new health problems, including heart diseases.

What is the reason for getting COVID twice or more?

One of the biggest reasons people get reinfected with COVID twice or more is that the new variants, which are the dominating variants in the United States, can escape antibodies generated by vaccines and prior infection.

Currently, the United States of America has been hit with the 6th wave of COVID-19, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention already have several guidelines on a similar subject.

The variant which is currently in domination in the United States is BA5and BA6. Both are the sub-variants of omicron, and they have abilities to escape antibodies generated by vaccines and prior infections.

The recent study has also ignited the debate on the effectiveness of vaccines once again in the country, and health experts have once again started talking about the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine.

 A few weeks ago, one of the top vaccine manufacturers released a press release mentioning that they are working on a COVID booster shot that contains the stain of the latest subway variants of COVID-19, and it is among the most effective vaccine booster.

We are yet to receive more information on that COVID booster shot, but several health experts have already suggested that a new COVID booster shot containing sub-variants of COVID-19 is going to be available in a few months, probably by the end of the fall.

Can You Get COVID Twice
Can You Get COVID Twice

Isn’t a vaccine going to save you from reinfection?

Now, you might ask, isn’t a vaccine going to save you from reinfection? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with other health organizations, have been suggesting every American get vaccinated and receive booster shots as early as possible to save themselves.

We all knew from the very first day that the vaccine for poverty is not a 100% effective solution as you can get infected once again even if you have received that scene along with its booster shots.

The vaccine is not as effective as you think for reinfection, but it can save you from getting severe symptoms of COVID-19 and hospitalization.

The recent study published by Veterans Affairs has broken every previous mindset regarding COVID vaccines and their effectiveness. We will update you regarding the same matter once we get to know about it from health experts and health officials.

What does the CDC say about getting COVID twice?

Before we wrap this session, let’s take a look at what the Centers for Disease Control and prevention think about COVID reinfections.

On its official website, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention have mentioned that there is a probability of you getting reinfected with COVID-19.

They have also mentioned that once you recover from COVID-19, you develop some protection from repeated infections, but re-infections are still happening in society.

Even though you can get a COVID infection twice or more than twice, you should follow every COVID protocol. You should keep testing yourself regularly, and you should get vaccinated with the COVID vaccine. It is known to provide good immunity against reinfection and severe symptoms of COVID-19.

Can you get a COVID infection more than twice?

Yes, you can get COVID infection more than twice, but the probability of you getting COVID infection will go down once you get infected with the virus. Several things, including your immunity from the first infection, vaccine, and your awareness regarding this, are going to play a huge role in you getting infection more than twice.