How Effective is Birth Control Pill?

Birth Control Pill – The trend of birth control pills is once again coming back in the United States. Since the Supreme Court overturned the decision which made abortion very easy in the country, women have been looking for more birth control methods.

Different contraceptives, including condoms, are effective, but they do not provide 100% protection. There is always going to be a small risk of unwanted pregnancy even after using contraceptives such as condoms.

It Is always a wise decision to go on a birth control pill that can help you prevent unwanted pregnancies. Since women do not have the right to abort pregnancies in the United States, the demand for birth control pills has been skyrocketing.

We are here to help you learn everything about birth control pills and how these pills can even save your social life.

What Does Birth Control Do?

As its name suggests, birth control methods prevent pregnancy. There are different types of birth control methods that a couple can use to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Condoms and morning-after pills are among the most common birth control options available in the market. Humans are not always made for reproductive purposes. Most of the time, humans mate for fun and relaxation purposes.

These birth control methods are known to prevent pregnancy in women by controlling the sperm or the egg. There are a huge number of birth control options available in the market.

Each birth control system is going to have different methods to prevent pregnancy. Some of the birth control methods might not even have any side effects, while some might have a huge number of symptoms. 

What is a Birth control pill?

Birth control pills are a form of contraceptive that can help you prevent any unwanted pregnancies. These pills are just like any other oral medications that can help you prevent pregnancy even after having unprotected sex.

These pills contain a small number of hormones that are known to stop the ovulation process and prevent any unwanted pregnancy. Some of these pills are also capable of preventing the release of an egg from the ovary.

There are different types of birth control pills available in the market. We highly recommend everyone consult the type of birth control pill according to their needs and come up with their healthcare provider.

How Effective is the Birth Control pill?

Believe it or not, birth control pills are one of the most effective pregnancy tools available on the market. If you take it correctly, Birth control pills are capable of preventing pregnancy with a high success rate.

Some birth control pills manufacturing companies claim the effectiveness of 99.9% when the consumer takes it correctly. The consumer has to make sure that they are not missing out on taking the birth control pill, even for a day or 2.

Yes, I know that it can be a little bit difficult to take all the pills correctly, but that is the condition of their high effectiveness.

The data points to the effectiveness of birth control are telling a little bit of a different story. As we have already discussed, it is a little bit difficult to take all pills correctly and achieve the highest effectiveness.

This thing is reflected in the data as 9 of the women out of 100 who take birth control pills are getting an unintended pregnancy every year. To achieve the highest effectiveness, consumers should make sure that they are taking it regularly without missing it, like breathing.

Birth Control Pill
Birth Control Pill

What are the Side Effects of the Birth Control Pill?

Along with one of the biggest benefits of birth control pills, there are some side effects of consuming the medicine regularly.

That is why most health experts around the world just ask women to consult the type of contraception with their healthcare provider before even starting birth control pills. Kindly do not start these pills on your own, as these are known to have a huge number of side effects.

The side effects of birth control pills will go away on their own after a few weeks after the start of the pills. It is also one of its biggest benefits, but you should never ignore these side effects.

Always consult the below-given side effects with the healthcare provider. There are different brands of birth control pills, and your healthcare provider might suggest you switch if you start experiencing serious symptoms.

  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Spotting between periods
  • Tightness in breast
  • Decrease sexual drive
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Increased vaginal discharge

As you are already aware, these side effects will go away on their own, but the side effects may stay in the system for a longer period. If the symptoms are staying for a longer period, then you should not forget to consult with your healthcare provider.

Different Types of Birth Control Options

As you can see, there are a huge number of side effects of birth control pills. There is also a probability that your healthcare provider might suggest you not go for these pills as they might cause some serious complications.

That is why it becomes very important for you to learn different types of birth control options. 

Barrier Methods

Barrier methods are probably one of the most popular contraceptive or birth control options available in the market. All of us are well aware of male and female condoms. Those also fall in the barrier methods. 

At the same time, there are cervical caps, contraceptive sponges, and diaphragms That are known to be one of the most effective birth control options. The best part about barrier methods is that they are much safer as compared to birth control pills. 

Male and female condoms are also known to protect against a huge number of sexually transmitted diseases. We highly recommend you always carry barrier methods rather than going for birth control pills.

Fertility Awareness

Fertility awareness is a highly effective and unique method to prevent pregnancy even after having unprotected sex. Every female in the world has a fertility window every month. Healthcare experts just tell women to have unprotected sex during that time to get pregnant. 

At the same time, you can use the other time To prevent any pregnancy, even after having unprotected sex. For more protection, you can also combine it with barrier methods.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception, also known as the morning-after pill, is another popular way to prevent pregnancy. You can use plan B one step or any other morning-after pill to prevent pregnancy. D spills are highly effective for women who are not sexually active but they have Once a week or more.

Which is the Best Birth Control Method? 

There is no saying which birth control method is the best. Every person is going to have their preferences, and every birth control method is a little bit different. Male condoms are probably the most popular and common birth control method in the world. 

Despite its popularity, it doesn’t mean that every person is going to be comfortable with condoms. That is why there are different types of birth control methods, and you can select one depending on the below-given factor.

  • First of all, You should only use the birth control method with which you feel comfortable.
  • At the same time, tomorrow should also make sure that those birth control methods are also protecting you from sexually transmitted infections. 
  • Your choice of birth control method should have the highest Effectiveness.
  • Your age and overall health conditions can also play a vital role.
  • Every birth control method comes with its risks and side effects. You should analyze both at the same time to select one.
  • The frequency of your intercourse and the number of partners are also going to make a huge point while selecting the birth control method.
  • Kindly do not forget about how to keep your birth control methods private.

These are some of the most important things you should keep in mind while selecting your preferred choice of birth control method. People who enjoy intercourse with multiple partners are always suggested to go for male condoms.

Male condoms are much more capable of preventing pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted infections. For better protection, you can combine it with different birth control methods to completely rule out any unwanted pregnancy.

Which is the best birth control pill available in the market?

Each birth control pill in the market is going to have different risks and side effects. It will be in your favor if you are consulting with the birth control pill with your healthcare provider according to your preferences and health conditions.