Balance of Nature Customer Complaints & Reviews

Balance of Nature Customer Complaints – Supplement markets have touched the $200 billion mark worldwide, and Western countries are one of their biggest contributors. Since the 1990s, the health supplement market has been rapidly growing at a growing threat of 9%.

That exceptional growth, along with the $200 billion mark, has been attracting a lot of new companies to try their products in this market. Balance of Nature is just another example of companies trying to capture the $200 billion worldwide market.

Balance of Nature supplements has been gaining popularity for a long time now. Similar to several other companies, people started talking about the Balance of Nature supplements soon after the first lockdown when a huge number of Americans were interested in health and fitness.

If you are also taking your health seriously and you want to purchase Balance of Nature products, we highly recommend you to read all the below-given Balance of Nature customer complaints.

The company might be advertising its product as a superfood, but it doesn’t mean that it is a superfood, and there are no plates about that. 

If you have already purchased the product and you are not happy with that, don’t worry. We will also let you know how you can register a complaint by yourself as well.

What Types of Complaints does Balance of Nature Have?

The official website of the Balance of Nature does not have any page where you can see all the complaints people have regarding their supplements.

That is why we opted for 3rd party websites, including Amazon, Facebook, trust pilot, and Walmart, where original people can register their complaints and review them so that everyone can see them without any filter.

Balance of Nature is one of the notorious companies which have a huge difference when it comes to rating at different marketplaces.

Below, You can see the rating of the Balance of Nature at different marketplaces.

  • 4.2 stars out of 5 at Amazon
  • 2.3 stars out of 5 on Facebook
  • 3.2 stars at trust pilot
  • 3.7 stars at Walmart

As you can see, the Balance of Nature supplements gets a 4.2-star rating on the Amazon marketplace, while they have 3.7 stars at Walmart.

We don’t want to get to any conclusion about whether it is a scam or not. Today, we are just going to focus on the most common types of complaints Balance of Nature supplements have.

Bigger Serving Size

On all 4 platforms, most people have been complaining that the Balance of Nature supplements has one of the biggest serving sizes as compared to any other supplement in the market.

Balance of Nature whole produce veggies and whole produce fruits supplement have a serving size of 3 capsules each. It means that the consumer will have to take at least 6 capsules of the Balance of Nature every day.

That is a bit extreme, and no healthy person wants to consume 6 capsules A day just to take the benefits of some fruits and vegetables.

Irregular Pricing

Pricing of the Balance of Nature supplement is also irregular. A huge number of customers on different platforms have been complaining that the pricing is different on different marketplaces. 

The regular price of the Balance of Nature supplements is going to be around $90, where you will get free shipping, but you can always lower the price to $70 with a monthly subscription.

Although, If you use any coupon code, then the price of the Balance of the natural supplement will be around $57. That is a flat 40% discount on the retail price.

40 Adventure

Along with that, you will also get free health coaching, discounted prices guaranteed for life, and preferred customer membership.

That is the pricing at the official website for violence pricing at Walmart is $150 and $$90 at Walmart.

No Refunds

Similar to several other companies, the Balance of Nature supplement companies also do not provide any refunds if the customer does not see any results.

We are not surprised that the company is not releasing the refund if the customer is not seeing any results at all, even after 30 days. 

TSeveral supplement companies on the Internet havebeen claiming that they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if the customer does not get any results.

Balance of Nature is also on a similar track where they are not providing any refunds to its customers who do not get any results at all.

Hard to Cancel a Membership

Several reviewers at trust pilot have been claiming that it is nearly impossible to cancel the membership at the official website of Balance of Nature for their supplements.

People have been claiming that they do not wish to receive supplements anymore due to several reasons, but it is near impossible to cancel the membership. 

Those people are also claiming that they have contacted the customer care staff, and still, the company has not ended their membership.

Balance of Nature Customer Complaints
Balance of Nature Customer Complaints

What are the Most Common Complaints of Balance of Nature?

Before we move ahead and talk about how you can easily register a complaint about the Balance of Nature supplement, let’s take a good look at some of the most common complaints about their supplement.

We have already discussed the types of complaints people have for the Balance of Nature supplement, but let’s take a quick look at the most common complaints as well.

Less or No Results

Less or no results from the Balance of Nature supplement is one of the most common complaints of customers of the company.

Several fitness experts on different platforms have been claiming that the Balance of Nature supplements do not have enough Nutrients to support any physical benefits.

A small bowl of vegetables or fruits is going to contain more than double or 3 times the nutrients one serving of a Balanced nature supplement has.

Apart from that, every person on this earth is different, and their requirements for these nutrients are also different. Not everyone on this earth is going to get the health benefits of these supplements. 

Expensive Product

Balance of Nature supplement is way more expensive as compared to any of its competitors. There are several professional supplement companies available in the market which also have similar products.

Several fitness experts and customers of Balance of Nature supplement have complained that Several companies have provided better products with a higher nutritious value per serving and lower pricing.

There is around a 30 to 50% of pricing difference and a 100% nutrition value difference in each serving. Products with higher nutritional value may also provide faster results.

How to Register a Complaint of Balance of Nature?

There are multiple ways a consumer can use to register a complaint about the Balance of Nature supplement. It depends on the person who wants to claim which mode they want to choose.

Live Chat

Balance of Nature supplement company has a live chat option on its official website. If you have any complaint regarding the product, billing, or shipment of purchased products from their official website, you can use the live chat function for all these things, and they will help you with that.

Even if you have purchased the product from some 3rd party platform such as Walmart or Amazon, you do not have to worry about anything as you can still talk about basic things such as health coaching and product information with the official chat.

Support Ticket

The second most popular way to register a complaint against the Balance of Nature supplement at their official website is a support ticket. The company has a customer care support staff that can help you from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time.

The support ticket method is a little slow, as you might not get a reply within a few minutes of generating a support ticket. We highly recommend everyone use the live chat support or the calling feature.

Direct Calling

Balance of Nature is one of the few companies in the United States that provide calling facilities. You can use their official customer care staff number to call them directly.


That is their official number to contact, but you should make sure you have patients, as hundreds of people might be calling at the same time.

3rd Party Platform

Several 3rd party platforms, including Facebook, trust pilot, Walmart, and Amazon, also provide a feature to review the product and raise any questions Customers have in their minds.

If you have any questions regarding their supplement, shipment, or return, you can use these platforms as well.

How to resolve Balance of Nature customer complaints?

The customer care staff of Balance of Nature supplement is going to resolve all the customer complaints. If you have any complaints regarding the product quality or general questions, we highly recommend you consult with the customer care staff of the supplement. If you have any complaints regarding shipment or delivery, we highly recommend you contact the customer staff of the marketplace.