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2016 NUFO Annual Meeting (photos compliments of LLNL)

Welcome from the NUFO Chair

Welcome to the webpages for the National User Facility Organization. I’m Paul Runci, Chair of the NUFO Steering Committee. If you have visited us before, we welcome you back. If this is your first visit to our site, we hope you find the resources engaging and informative.

Founded in 1990, NUFO represents the interests of all users who conduct research at U.S. national scientific user facilities, as well as scientists from U.S. universities, laboratories, and industry who use similar facilities outside the United States. Our primary mission is to facilitate communication among users, user organizations, facility administrators, and other stakeholders on topics of importance to the facilities. These topics include publicizing the benefits and significance of research conducted at user facilities, as well as conveying their operational needs. Fundamentally, we strive to provide a unified message at the national level on issues of resources for scientific work, economic competitiveness enabled by advances in science and technology, and education of the next-generation scientific workforce.

NUFO is organized into two major branches: User Organization Representatives and User Administrators. Representatives of User Organizations focus primarily on outreach activities, whereas User Administrators focus on streamlining processes to facilitate access. Both branches work together closely to fulfill the overall NUFO mission. We have recently formed several working groups to further important NUFO initiatives. These include: Administrative Affairs, Outreach and Communication, University Relations, Industrial Access and Interactions, and Computing and Data Access. Because NUFO is largely a grass-roots organization, it is through the outreach efforts of our members and friends like you that we achieve our goals.

If your organization is interested in becoming a member of NUFO or if you would simply like to be on our mailing list to stay informed of NUFO news and events, please use the appropriate link(s) below. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook (National User Facility Organization), Twitter (NUFO_users), Linkedin (NUFO) and YouTube (/user/NatlUserFacOrg) or subscribe to our RSS feed (

Paul Runci, NUFO Chair